Arrow Canyon 12

arrowcanyon12b-001  This is a very cool site because it is best viewed in the mid-morning and at certain times of the year. arrowcanyonnew12-001  In this photo it is almost impossible to see the petroglyph in this photo.  Hint:  Watch the crack at the top of the photo. arrowcanyonnew12-002  Not yet?? arrowcanyonnew12-007  It was there all along.  How cool is that.
arrowcanyonnew12-030 arrowcanyonnew12-038 arrowcanyonnew12-022 arrowcanyonnew12-011
arrowcanyonnew12-028 arrowcanyonnew12-026 arrowcanyonnew12-016 arrowcanyonnew12-014
arrowcanyonnew12-018 arrowcanyonnew12-019 arrowcanyonnew12-003