Arrow Canyon 18 - A Kill Site

arrowcanyonnew18bb-003b  This site in Arrow Canyon is very different from any of the other sites in this area.  Most of us have heard of “Buffalo Jumps” or game jumps.  The “jumps” are often identified by rock cairns which funneled or guided the animals towards a cliff.  The cairns would act as drive lanes leading to the cliff, and if the fall did not kill the animals, tribe members below would complete the kill.  This type of hunting was considered a community event because of the manpower needed to herd, funnel, and process the animals.  The top of this ridge is about 30’ to 40’ above the valley floor below and has many rock cairns or hunting blinds near the top. arrowcanyonnew18-011  This is the backside of the ridge where the sheep were probably driven towards the top of the ridgeline. arrowcanyonnew18-005 arrowcanyonnew18-006b  A trail that was possibly used when driving the sheep towards the top.
arrowcanyonnew18-016 arrowcanyonnew18-020  This is one of the first visible “cairns or blind” just above the trail.  Almost all of the blinds have a larger vertical rock placed in them. arrowcanyonnew18-031  The vertical stone is very visible here.  The hunters would have remained hidden behind the stones until needed to keep the animals in the drive lane. arrowcanyonnew18-033
arrowcanyonnew18-036 arrowcanyonnew18-038 arrowcanyonnew18-040  This is a possible mortar hole.  There appears to be marks on the rear upper edge of the hole that may be from use. arrowcanyonnew18-042  There are several blinds in this photo.
arrowcanyonnew18-044  There are two more blinds along the edge that overlooks the trail below.  See next photo. arrowcanyonnew18-044b arrowcanyonnew18-045 arrowcanyonnew18-046  More blinds.
arrowcanyonnew18-049 arrowcanyonnew18-054 arrowcanyonnew18-053 arrowcanyonnew18-051  This blind is still fully intact.
arrowcanyonnew18-058 arrowcanyonnew18-061 arrowcanyonnew18-062 arrowcanyonnew18-065  This blind is about 20’ long.
arrowcanyonnew18-067 arrowcanyonnew18-069  This blind is also about 15’ long and is next to the other large blind. arrowcanyonnew18-070 arrowcanyonnew18-073
arrowcanyonnew18-075 arrowcanyonnew18-078  Another beautiful blind overlooking the trail below. arrowcanyonnew18-081 arrowcanyonnew18-082  This one is different than the other blinds.  It is a large single rock placed in a natural crack.
arrowcanyonnew18-084 arrowcanyonnew18-087  Note the large vertical stone.  The stones were possibly used for body support as well as hiding behind. arrowcanyonnew18-089 arrowcanyonnew18-092  Rock ring ??
arrowcanyonnew18-093  A blind was created in this small ravine. arrowcanyonnew18-096  The left arrow points to across the canyon and the right arrow is the edge of the blind. arrowcanyonnew18-085 arrowcanyonnew18-099
arrowcanyonnew18-102  Looking along the 2 large blinds towards the point. arrowcanyonnew18-103 arrowcanyonnew18-105  Another blind. arrowcanyonnew18-022
arrowcanyonnew18-023  This is the possible “jump” point. arrowcanyonnew18-028  If this is the point where the animals went over the edge, the landing place would be directly below.  The animals would have been butchered and process about where the green bushes are located today. arrowcanyonnew18-025 arrowcanyonnew18-030
arrowcanyonnew18-146  Another view from the point towards the other side of Arrow Canyon. arrowcanyonnew18-146b  The left arrow is the old road that is currently flooded and the right arrow is another old closed road. arrowcanyonnew18-136  A possible rock ring on the ridgeline. arrowcanyonnew18-139
arrowcanyonnew18-137 arrowcanyonnew18-141  It’s not just a single rock ring, but it has an attached ring. arrowcanyonnew18-143 arrowcanyonnew18bb-003  General view towards the opposite side of Arrow Canyon.
arrowcanyonnew18bb-006  On the way out of Arrow Canyon we noticed an old stone structure. arrowcanyonnew18bb-009 arrowcanyonnew18-131  I’m not sure if it’s an old, or new historic structure. arrowcanyonnew18-109
arrowcanyonnew18-111 arrowcanyonnew18-114  Possible storage area or fire pit. arrowcanyonnew18-120 arrowcanyonnew18-115  Historic cans were all around the site.
arrowcanyonnew18-118 arrowcanyonnew18-124 arrowcanyonnew18-127