Arrow Canyon 19

arrowcanyonnew19-019  Arrow 18 – the Kill site – is located on the ridgeline above this site (Arrow 19).  The blind at this site may have been used in coordination with the blinds at the main site above.  The blind is located on the shelf about 15’ above the current wash floor.  See next photo. arrowcanyonnew19-019b arrowcanyonnew19-015 arrowcanyonnew19-021
arrowcanyonnew19-007  This blind, as in the other blinds on the ridgeline above has a standing vertical stone. arrowcanyonnew19-017 arrowcanyonnew19-009  A possible secondary blind. arrowcanyonnew19-024
arrowcanyonnew19-026  The blind is about 30’ from where I am standing. arrowcanyonnew19-032 arrowcanyonnew19-029 arrowcanyonnew19-030
arrowcanyonnew19-030b  The blind. arrowcanyonnew19-035 arrowcanyonnew19-036 arrowcanyonnew19-042  This stone is approximately 3’ to 4’ long and is covered with small cupules ranging in size from ½” 1” in diameter.  I don’t think they are all natural, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.
arrowcanyonnew19-043  Most of them don’t appear to be single mini-cupules, but look like they are in a cluster of 2 to 4.  The average size is from ¼” to ½” in diameter. arrowcanyonnew19-047  The holes are about ½” in diameter in this group. arrowcanyonnew19-055  Overview of the canyon.  The last few storms eroded more of the wash bottom causing this mini canyon within the main canyon. arrowcanyonnew19-065
arrowcanyonnew19-068 arrowcanyonnew19-093 arrowcanyonnew19-072 arrowcanyonnew19-088  Along these shelves on both sides of the mini canyon we found what we thought was a grinding area in a seasonal habitat.  We saw what we thought was a wear pattern consistent with a grinding surface, but afterwards I think we saw what we wanted to see.  On the next trip back we will take a closer look at the cupules and the possible slicks.
arrowcanyonnew19-074 arrowcanyonnew19-077 arrowcanyonnew19-079 arrowcanyonnew19-082
arrowcanyonnew19-090 arrowcanyonnew19-099 arrowcanyonnew19-101 arrowcanyonnew19-083
arrowcanyonnew19-085 arrowcanyonnew19-095 arrowcanyonnew19-104 arrowcanyonnew19-105  On the way out we spotted several of these holes.  When you first see them it looks like the hole entrance was filled with rocks to block it, but more than likely the rocks funneled down from above.  When we get back and look more closely, it will probably turn out to be a rock filled hole.