Arrow Canyon 2

arrowcanyonnew2-039  Arrow canyon is known for its “shields”, but it also has a large number on cupules.  Many of the sites we visited had from 1 to 30 or more cupules.  The cupules may have been used for pigment or possibly ceremonial use.  This site has multiple cupules and glyphs on top of this rock.  What’s unique about this site are the four prefect “footprints” that have been carved on this rock. arrowcanyonnew2-036 arrowcanyonnew2-040 arrowcanyonnew2-043
arrowcanyonnew2-045 arrowcanyonnew2-046 arrowcanyonnew2-048 arrowcanyonnew2-051
arrowcanyonnew2-054 arrowcanyonnew2-055 arrowcanyonnew2-057 arrowcanyonnew2-031  The same site photographed at a different time of the day.
arrowcanyonnew2-028 arrowcanyonnew2-030 arrowcanyonnew2-001 arrowcanyonnew2-002
arrowcanyonnew2-003 arrowcanyonnew2-004 arrowcanyonnew2-005 arrowcanyonnew2-006
arrowcanyonnew2-007 arrowcanyonnew2-007d arrowcanyonnew2-008 arrowcanyonnew2-008d
arrowcanyonnew2-009 arrowcanyonnew2-011 arrowcanyonnew2-012 arrowcanyonnew2-013
arrowcanyonnew2-014 arrowcanyonnew2-017 arrowcanyonnew2-018 arrowcanyonnew2-019
arrowcanyonnew2-021 arrowcanyonnew2-022 arrowcanyonnew2-025 arrowcanyonnew2-026
arrowcanyonnew2-059 arrowcanyonnew2-060  Fossilized canid prints located near the petroglyph footprints. arrowcanyonnew2-063 arrowcanyonnew2-065