Arrow Canyon 4

arrowcanyonnew4-003  This part of Arrow Canyon is commonly known as Warshield Canyon.  It not only contains a large amount of shield petroglyphs, but also has a substantial number of cupules.  The shields of War Shield Canyon. arrowcanyonnew4-032 arrowcanyonnew4-004 arrowcanyonnew4-006
arrowcanyonnew4-015 arrowcanyonnew4-033 arrowcanyonnew4-035 arrowcanyonnew4-039
arrowcanyonnew4-040 arrowcanyonnew4-043 arrowcanyonnew4-044 arrowcanyonnew4-010
arrowcanyonnew4-100 arrowcanyonnew4-102 arrowcanyonnew4-105 arrowcanyonnew4-107
arrowcanyonnew4-108 arrowcanyonnew4-048  Scratch glyphs within the circle. arrowcanyonnew4-052 arrowcanyonnew4-050  Comet or sunrays?
arrowcanyonnew4-141  The start of the cupules.  They were possibly used for ceremonial purposes or for grinding or mixing pigments. arrowcanyonnew4-060 arrowcanyonnew4-054 arrowcanyonnew4-133
arrowcanyonnew4-064 arrowcanyonnew4-145 arrowcanyonnew4-062 arrowcanyonnew4-017
arrowcanyonnew4-021 arrowcanyonnew4-135  A larger concentration of cupules. arrowcanyonnew4-136 arrowcanyonnew4-066  Vandals using rock saws damaged these cupules.  You can see a few of the saw marks, and it’s unknown how much was taken by the pothunters.
arrowcanyonnew4-019 arrowcanyonnew4-026 arrowcanyonnew4-070  This cupule is of special interest to me.  Depending on your point of view the spiral is either leading into or out of the cupule. arrowcanyonnew4-072
arrowcanyonnew4-076 arrowcanyonnew4-077  Cupule with scratch glyph. arrowcanyonnew4-130 arrowcanyonnew4-079
arrowcanyonnew4-082 arrowcanyonnew4-118 arrowcanyonnew4-115  This stone has cupules, glyphs, and a scalloped edge. arrowcanyonnew4-121
arrowcanyonnew4-083 arrowcanyonnew4-122 arrowcanyonnew4-023 arrowcanyonnew4-086
arrowcanyonnew4-089 arrowcanyonnew4-088 arrowcanyonnew4-116 arrowcanyonnew4-091
arrowcanyonnew4-093 arrowcanyonnew4-028 arrowcanyonnew4-029 arrowcanyonnew4-099
arrowcanyonnew4-124 arrowcanyonnew4-127 arrowcanyonnew4-128 arrowcanyonnew4-139
arrowcanyonnew4-095 arrowcanyonnew4-153 arrowcanyonnew4-146 arrowcanyonnew4-148
arrowcanyonnew4-150 arrowcanyonnew4-155