Beatty Wash 1

beatty1-004  This is a typical view of the area near the rock art site, and you just know more is lurking on these walls yet to be found. beatty1-080 beatty1-010  The site is located along this wall. beatty1-008
beatty1-012 beatty1-013 beatty1-015 beatty1-018
beatty1-025 beatty1-020 beatty1-022 beatty1-024
beatty1-028 beatty1-029 beatty1-032 beatty1-046  A possible rock ring.
beatty1-048 beatty1-053  This site was across the wash from the petroglyph site.  I am not sure if it is old or new, but it is similar to other shaman sites that I have seen.  In the upper center of the photo is a small flat rock and under the rock is a small stick.  Many times these are prayer or spirit sticks.  This may be a very old site, or new and is still in use by Native Americans or ... beatty1-053b beatty1-055
beatty1-058 beatty1-059 beatty1-063 beatty1-061  This rock (arrow) was placed on the ledge about 4’ above the possible spirit stick.
beatty1-074  This habitat site located near the “possible” prayer / spirit stick. beatty1-065  A large hand tool.  The worked edge is facing to the right in the photo. beatty1-068  A possible large chopper. beatty1-070
beatty1-071  Obverse side of the chopper. beatty1-082  This shelter may be associated with the petroglyph panel and the other nearby sites.  There was a rock ring near the entrance and lithic scatter in the shelter. beatty1-131 beatty1-137  A rock ring at the entrance of the shelter.
beatty1-084 beatty1-087 beatty1-090  The floor was littered with flakes (debitage). beatty1-094  Note the fire blackening on the ceiling and the lithic scatter on the floor.
beatty1-092 beatty1-122 beatty1-099  The were flakes everywhere. beatty1-103
beatty1-105 beatty1-116 beatty1-118 beatty1-119
beatty1-125 beatty1-127 beatty1-108  A partial mano. beatty1-109  A large hand chopper.
beatty1-113  A core and another partial mano. beatty1-129  This rock ring was located a short distance from the shelter. beatty1-129b beatty1-135  Another nearby rock ring.