Beatty 2

beatty2-180  This is an overview of the top of the ridge.  The first small boulder was in this area.  Because of lighting conditions many of the petroglyphs are very difficult to see. beatty2-068 beatty2-004 beatty2-006  This was typical of the small boulders containing the glyphs.
beatty2-008 beatty2-009 beatty2-013 beatty2-017
beatty2-019 beatty2-020  There were many rock groupings both on the top of the ridge and down the slope.  Some are very old and others are historic. beatty2-022 beatty2-024
beatty2-025 beatty2-029 beatty2-032 beatty2-034
beatty2-039 beatty2-041 beatty2-043 beatty2-045
beatty2-046 beatty2-048 beatty2-051 beatty2-053
beatty2-055 beatty2-057 beatty2-059 beatty2-060
beatty2-063 beatty2-064 beatty2-066 beatty2-069
beatty2-072 beatty2-074 beatty2-076 beatty2-077
beatty2-087 beatty2-083 beatty2-085 beatty2-080
beatty2-090 beatty2-088 beatty2-094  Another rock grouping or a very small circle / ring. beatty2-097  This rock ring was located part way down the slope and was approximately 7’ in diameter.
beatty2-099 beatty2-103 beatty2-102 beatty2-106
beatty2-108 beatty2-109 beatty2-111 beatty2-114
beatty2-115 beatty2-116 beatty2-119 beatty2-122
beatty2-123 beatty2-126 beatty2-128 beatty2-138
beatty2-130 beatty2-132 beatty2-141 beatty2-133
beatty2-136 beatty2-144  This rock ring was also located part way down the slope. beatty2-148 beatty2-150
beatty2-152 beatty2-155 beatty2-159 beatty2-160
beatty2-185 beatty2-196 beatty2-206 beatty2-207
beatty2-210 beatty2-213 beatty2-216 beatty2-217
beatty2-194  We found multiple cairns, rock piles, and the white PVC pipe (next photo) that were once used to mark the boundaries of mining claims, and that makes it difficult to tell old rock rings and rock groupings from historic ones.  We have to assume, because we can only do a cursory inspection of the sites, that most of the rock groupings that we saw were historic.  The rock art and several of the rock rings were the exceptions. beatty2-219 beatty2-222 beatty2-225
beatty2-174  A rock grouping / ring possibly historic. beatty2-176 beatty2-169  This rock ring / grouping was located near the previous one.  As you can tell from this photo they were on the down slope and are also possibly historic. beatty2-187
beatty2-191 beatty2-228