Beatty 3

beatty3-001  The main shelter. beatty3-005  The pictographs are on the right wall as you are looking into the shelter.  There is fire blackening on the ceiling and scattered rocks in the entrance, which may be the remnants of a fire ring. beatty3-049 beatty3-046  The pictographs are visible on the far wall.
beatty3-017 beatty3-020  A view out of the shelter. beatty3-022 beatty3-023  This large boulder at the entrance of the shelter probably helped provide additional protection against the elements and whatever else was needed.
beatty3-036  Each photo of a pictograph is followed by an enhanced version using D-stretch. beatty3-036d beatty3-013 beatty3-013d
beatty3-014 beatty3-014d beatty3-053  This nearby shelter had signs of being inhabited. beatty3-055
beatty3-057  A possible fire pit. beatty3-059  The rocks were placed in the upright position. beatty3-060 beatty3-062
beatty3-068 beatty3-071 beatty3-081 beatty3-087  When I hiked up to this arch I had good feeling, but there were no signs of habitation or rock art.