Beatty 4

beatty4-050  The prehistoric people that lived here, or used the shelter as a stop over were better equipped for the lifestyle than most of us are today.  They would have had water from the spring for most of the year, and the water would have attracted animals, which was a food source.  It is common knowledge that springs are places to find evidence of the past, and when I am researching a new area I always check for springs and seeps.  Many times this information will lead to some great discoveries.    If you are within a 100 yards of this site you can’t miss the “wall”.  The wall would beckon just about anybody and even though I had the coordinates for this site I spotted the rock wall long before I rechecked the GPS. beatty4-052 beatty4-055  When approaching the shelter the first thing you see is the outer wall, which is almost like a courtyard wall.  Then there is an inner wall at the entrance to the shelter. beatty4-053
beatty4-056 beatty4-111 beatty4-058  The outer wall is on the left, and the inner wall partially covers the opening to the shelter. beatty4-061  The shelter now contains historic artifacts.
beatty4-062 beatty4-100 beatty4-064  An old tin cup hangs next to the original pictographs. beatty4-064d
beatty4-068 beatty4-068d beatty4-071 beatty4-075  Interior view of the shelter.
beatty4-094 beatty4-095 beatty4-099 beatty4-105
beatty4-079 beatty4-076 beatty4-081 beatty4-085
beatty4-087 beatty4-090 beatty4-097 beatty4-109  The view from in front of the shelter
beatty4-113  There were several habitats along the edge of this rock face. beatty4-115 beatty4-117  We found a single splotch of red pigment on the rock face. beatty4-117d
beatty4-119 beatty4-119d beatty4-122  A rock ring or possible fire pit. beatty4-124  The area directly behind the shelter was used sometime in the past.  There are rocks that appear to be in patterns, but I am not sure what they are.  Some of the patterns vaguely appear to be circular and others square or rectangular.  It is possible that it is old Native American or maybe it’s an old historic tent area.
beatty4-128  This grouping of rocks is intriguing.  Because of all the activity at this site I am assuming that this geoglyph is historic, but it may be very old.  The shelter was originally used by Native Americans, but was reused during historic times.  Artifacts have been found and photographed at the shelter and at this area behind the shelter.  Taking this into consideration, it is possible that this may be a Native American geoglyph, but it may have been placed there by someone in the last fifty years.  Either way it is cool. beatty4-131 beatty4-133 beatty4-136  This grouping is about 18” across.
beatty4-137  A rock ring with entry point. beatty4-140  This old rock foundation is located a short distance from the main shelter site. There are a few old items strewn about similar to the ones in the shelter. beatty4-146 beatty4-148
beatty4-149 beatty4-152 beatty4-154 beatty4-156
beatty4-159 beatty4-160 beatty4-144 beatty4-163
beatty4-164 beatty4-166 beatty4-022  This shelter / habitat site was several miles from the previous shelter site.  It consists of a couple of small shelters with a collapsed rock wall in front of both of them.  There were no artifacts, but there was some fire blackening seen at the site. beatty4-015
beatty4-017 beatty4-020 beatty4-024 beatty4-026
beatty4-019 beatty4-030 beatty4-031  This guy made it a long way off the highway before rolling his car.