Bird Spring Range 10

birdsprings10c-002  This is the overview of the shelters.  All of the shelters showed signs of being dug by amateurs probably looking for artifacts.  Please Note:  Most of the pictograph photos will be followed by an enhanced version using D-Stretch. birdsprings10-129  The main shelter is about 4’ high, 8’ wide and 15’ deep.  Directly in front of the shelter is the area that appears to have been dug. birdsprings10-138 birdsprings10-142
birdsprings10-006 birdsprings10-009  This petroglyph is located at the entrance to the shelter and was painted with red pigment at one point in time.  Please Note:  Most of the pictograph photos will be followed by an enhanced version using D-Stretch. birdsprings10-009d birdsprings10c-090  In Southern Nevada you will see areas like this where things could be sharpened or milled down to a point by rubbing the object on the sandstone.
birdsprings10-021 birdsprings10-012  On both sides of the shelter, near the entrance are some interesting petroglyphs. birdsprings10-024 birdsprings10c-068  On the right side of this photo is a standard petroglyph.  On the left are small glyphs that consist of numerous drilled holes,
birdsprings10-015 birdsprings10-026 birdsprings10c-071 birdsprings10-027  The arrows point to the drilled glyph patterns.  Even though these are not pictographs I used D-Stretch to enhance the glyphs for better visibility.
birdsprings10-027d birdsprings10-032 birdsprings10-032d birdsprings10-033
birdsprings10-033d birdsprings10-036  The holes in this pattern range from 3/8”  to ½” in diameter. birdsprings10-036d birdsprings10c-079
birdsprings10-020 birdsprings10-037 birdsprings10-037d birdsprings10-040  There are 3 little red marks in the lower right section of this photo that we did not see in the field.
birdsprings10-040d birdsprings10-043  More “mini” holes. birdsprings10-046 birdsprings10c-084
birdsprings10-003  Back outside the shelter. birdsprings10-008  Behind this boulder and in a small slot are a couple of pecked petroglyphs. birdsprings10c-112 birdsprings10c-114
birdsprings10c-126 birdsprings10c-117 birdsprings10-062  These petroglyphs are also wedged down between two rocks. birdsprings10-063
birdsprings10-066 birdsprings10-070 birdsprings10-070d  These is a sheep with a possible atlatl dart in its back.  Middle right. birdsprings10-060
birdsprings10-060d birdsprings10-072 birdsprings10-072d birdsprings10-073
birdsprings10-073d birdsprings10-127  This panel is very cool, but you would not know it to look at it.  There are several red figures and a possible black figure, but it is the barely visible white figures that are of interest.  There are 4 to 5 white sheep being pursued by 4 to 5 white anthropomorphs.  This panel can be easily overlooked if the conditions are not just right.    There are many duplicates in this group of photos. birdsprings10c-217 birdsprings10c-217d
birdsprings10c-007b  The left arrows point to 4 anthropomorphs and the right arrows point to 4 sheep. birdsprings10c-007bd birdsprings10-078 birdsprings10-078d
birdsprings10-080 birdsprings10-080d birdsprings10c-219 birdsprings10c-219d
birdsprings10c-224 birdsprings10c-224d birdsprings10c-228 birdsprings10c-228d
birdsprings10c-235 birdsprings10c-235d birdsprings10c-238 birdsprings10c-238d
birdsprings10-084 birdsprings10-085 birdsprings10-085d birdsprings10c-010  This is a repeat of the same sheep / hunter panel, but it has been enhanced a little differently.
birdsprings10c-010d birdsprings10c-014 birdsprings10c-014d birdsprings10c-039
birdsprings10c-039d birdsprings10c-016 birdsprings10c-016d birdsprings10c-013
birdsprings10c-013d birdsprings10-089 birdsprings10-096 birdsprings10-096d
birdsprings10-100  The red pictographs in the next couple of photos may be a sheep, but in a different style.  They were in a crack between two rocks. birdsprings10-100d birdsprings10-091 birdsprings10-091d
birdsprings10-093 birdsprings10-093d  Possible sheep pictographs. birdsprings10c-027 birdsprings10c-027d
birdsprings10c-128 birdsprings10c-128d birdsprings10c-029 birdsprings10c-029d
birdsprings10c-030 birdsprings10c-030d  This one is intriguing.  In the lower left section of the photo is what appears to be an anthropomorph behind a possible coyote. birdsprings10c-031 birdsprings10c-031d
birdsprings10c-038 birdsprings10c-038d birdsprings10c-036 birdsprings10c-036d
birdsprings10-123  The grooves on the right fit a left hand perfectly.  See next photo. birdsprings10-103 birdsprings10-107  Secondary shelter. birdsprings10-109
birdsprings10-115 birdsprings10c-103 birdsprings10c-106 birdsprings10c-107  Possible bone tool.
birdsprings10c-109 birdsprings10-112  There was a lot of burnt bone and tortoise shell in this area. birdsprings10-113 birdsprings10-117
birdsprings10-122  Another tool sharpening area. birdsprings10-125 birdsprings10-068  A metate or grinding slick. birdsprings10-041  A small chopper.
birdsprings10-133  Another metate or grinding slick. birdsprings10-135 birdsprings10-144  Two small grooves birdsprings10-145
birdsprings10-139  Another possible grinding area. birdsprings10c-045 birdsprings10-049  Two of the pottery sherds. birdsprings10-052
birdsprings10-053 birdsprings10c-059 birdsprings10c-061 birdsprings10c-133
birdsprings10-047  There was a lot of tortoise shell in both shelters. birdsprings10-017 birdsprings10c-048 birdsprings10c-050
birdsprings10c-051 birdsprings10e-005 birdsprings10e-007 birdsprings10e-010
birdsprings10e-010d birdsprings10e-013 birdsprings10e-021 birdsprings10e-025
birdsprings10e-025d birdsprings10e-027 birdsprings10e-029 birdsprings10e-032
birdsprings10c-063 birdsprings10c-065  A hand tool. birdsprings10c-067 birdsprings10e-034
birdsprings10e-036 birdsprings10e-038 birdsprings10c-055 birdsprings10c-054
birdsprings10c-094  The 4 atlatl pictographs on the large boulder are almost invisible, but with the use of D-Stretch they can be seen.  Since atlatls predate bows (archery) these pictographs are at least 600 years old. birdsprings10c-178  The arrows point to the 4 atlatls. birdsprings10c-178d  In addition to the atlatls are several other barely visible elements in this photo. birdsprings10c-179
birdsprings10c-179d birdsprings10c-184 birdsprings10c-184d birdsprings10c-188
birdsprings10c-188d birdsprings10c-194 birdsprings10c-194d birdsprings10c-185
birdsprings10c-185dd birdsprings10c-197 birdsprings10c-197d birdsprings10c-196  I was not able to enhance this photo, but it appears to be an anthropomorph behind a zoomorph.
birdsprings10c-199 birdsprings10c-207 birdsprings10c-207d birdsprings10c-042  This sheep is next to the atlatl pictographs and appears to have an atlatl dart in its back.
birdsprings10c-042d birdsprings10c-203 birdsprings10c-203d birdsprings10c-205
birdsprings10c-205d birdsprings10c-212 birdsprings10c-212d birdsprings10c-230
birdsprings10c-230d birdsprings10e-017 birdsprings10e-017d birdsprings10e-018
birdsprings10e-018d birdsprings10b-001 birdsprings10e-042 birdsprings10b-009
birdsprings10e-044 birdsprings10e-045 birdsprings10e-050 birdsprings10b-010
birdsprings10b-015  Another possible illegal dig area. birdsprings10b-018 birdsprings10b-019 birdsprings10b-050
birdsprings10b-022 birdsprings10b-023 birdsprings10b-025  A rock ring in one of the shelters. birdsprings10b-028
birdsprings10b-029 birdsprings10b-032 birdsprings10b-033 birdsprings10b-035
birdsprings10b-037 birdsprings10b-039 birdsprings10b-040  This red mark was above the entrance to the shelter. birdsprings10b-040d
birdsprings10b-042 birdsprings10b-042d birdsprings10b-049 birdsprings10b-054
birdsprings10b-057  The stone fence in front of this shelter may be historic or prehistoric. birdsprings10b-059  Another stone fence in front of a different shelter. birdsprings10c-147  A nearby rock ring. birdsprings10c-138
birdsprings10c-141  The left arrow point to the main ring.  The other two arrows point to smaller areas that may be storage areas. birdsprings10c-143 birdsprings10c-145 birdsprings10c-149  Another nearby rock ring.
birdsprings10c-153 birdsprings10c-134  … and another nearby rock ring. birdsprings10c-157  This ring is different than your average ring.  The rocks are placed around a rectangular depression in the sandstone.  I am not sure if this is a standard habitat or a ceremonial ring of some sorts. birdsprings10c-160
birdsprings10c-162 birdsprings10c-164 birdsprings10c-276  Two more rock rings. birdsprings10c-277
birdsprings10c-279 birdsprings10c-169  … and a local. birdsprings10c-175