Bird Spring Range 11

birdsprings11-017  At this base of this cliff are several shelters and two rock rings.  The first shelter was probably built in the last couple of years. birdsprings11-020  Historical shelter #1 Some body went to a lot of trouble to construct a rock wall for protection from the elements. birdsprings11-021 birdsprings11-024
birdsprings11-028  There was a fair amount of trash left by whoever was living here. birdsprings11-029 birdsprings11-031  There was a lot of fire blackening on the ceiling. birdsprings11-033
birdsprings11-035 birdsprings11-038 birdsprings11-041 birdsprings11-088  Shelter 2
birdsprings11-089 birdsprings11-091  Shelter 3 This shelter contained evidence of habitation.  The area in front of it had been dug, but a couple of pottery sherds and a starter stone (metate) still remained. birdsprings11-043 birdsprings11-040
birdsprings11-046  A starter stone for a metate. birdsprings11-047 birdsprings11-049  Someone searching for something of value has dug the area in front of the shelter. birdsprings11-051  The area at the rear of the shelter.
birdsprings11-053 birdsprings11-055 birdsprings11-056 birdsprings11-058
birdsprings11-125 birdsprings11-127 birdsprings11-132 birdsprings11-130
birdsprings11-067  Corrugated pottery sherd. birdsprings11-077 birdsprings11-076 birdsprings11-072
birdsprings11-073 birdsprings11-080  A large hand tool. birdsprings11-083 birdsprings11-085
birdsprings11-086 birdsprings11-110  There are several rock rings on this point.  They appear to have been habitats or storage area. birdsprings11-095 birdsprings11-098
birdsprings11-100 birdsprings11-101 birdsprings11-103 birdsprings11-105  At this one we found two small pottery sherds.
birdsprings11-114 birdsprings11-121 birdsprings11-124 birdsprings11-007  Two small rock rings.
birdsprings11-004  A small ring and a rock pile. birdsprings11-005 birdsprings11-009 birdsprings11-011  Another rock pile.