Bird Spring Range 6

birdsprings6-003  We found rock rings / rock clusters on this trip and a few of them, such as this one, appear to have been dug.  As previously mentioned, this area was a collecting area in the 1950’s through the 1960’s, and possibly into the 1980’s. birdsprings6-008 birdsprings6-006  Adjacent ring. birdsprings6-011  This ring may originally have been several rocks high.   Age, along with all the human activity in the area, may be responsible for some of the destruction of the site.
birdsprings6-014 birdsprings6-016 birdsprings6-018  This site has what appears to be a depression behind a rock wall which may have been a blind. birdsprings6-019
birdsprings6-021 birdsprings6-023 birdsprings6-026  A depression or sleeping area. birdsprings6-027  This cairn looks towards Bird Spring and the Old Spanish Trail that ran through this valley.
birdsprings6-029 birdsprings6-031  The water tanks at Bird Spring. birdsprings6-035  A rock ring in the foreground and the valley beyond. birdsprings6-032
birdsprings6-036  There is a small herd of wild horses that roam the Bird Spring Range and there is evidence of them everywhere on this hill.  This is one of their bedding areas. birdsprings6-046  Two flaked or worked pieces lying on a grinding slick. birdsprings6-044 birdsprings6-039  We found a few flakes or debris in several different sites.
birdsprings6-040 birdsprings6-050  A partial ring. birdsprings6-052 birdsprings6-055
birdsprings6-066  There is a grouping of rocks ringing the large bush in the middle of the photo. birdsprings6-071  The large rocks in this photo are part of the ring mentioned in the previous photo. birdsprings6-073 birdsprings6-079  A small ring with center stone.
birdsprings6-103  This area is where we located the first of two artifacts. birdsprings6-109  This is the same spot as the previous photo, but you can see a fractured metate in the lower right. birdsprings6-102  The artifact in situ.  A possible point. birdsprings6-083  I believe that this is a “point or knife”, but I am not sure which style.
birdsprings6-081 birdsprings6-085 birdsprings6-087  This side is still a bit crude so the artifact may have not been finished. birdsprings6-092  A possible side or thumb scraper and the point.
birdsprings6-088 birdsprings6-104  A fractured or broken metate. birdsprings6-106 birdsprings6-113  All of these pieces show signs of being worked.
birdsprings6-114  Oval-shaped ring. birdsprings6-118  Another ring with large bush in the middle. birdsprings6-120 birdsprings6-123
birdsprings6-125 birdsprings6-127  Six small rocks forming a right angle. birdsprings6-130  This is in the middle of the dry wash and we found a cleared area with a straight line of stacked rocks along the left side. birdsprings6-132  A short distance from the previous straight line of rocks in the wash we located a small hole in the rocks.  The whole is about 20” in diameter and about 12” deep.
birdsprings6-134 birdsprings6-138 birdsprings6-139  A small rock ring surrounding the bush in the foreground and a larger one in the background. birdsprings6-140
birdsprings6-142  A larger ring with center stone. birdsprings6-145 birdsprings6-146  A smaller ring. birdsprings6-149
birdsprings6-158  An adjacent ring with center stone. birdsprings6-151 birdsprings6-152 birdsprings6-154
birdsprings6-161  We saw a lot of bones on this trip. birdsprings6-162 birdsprings6-064 birdsprings6-167
birdsprings6-164 birdsprings6-169 birdsprings6-173  In the center is where we located artifact #2. birdsprings6-175  A side scraper with a very nice worked edge.
birdsprings6-185 birdsprings6-178 birdsprings6-182  You can see the alternating flaked areas on each side of the edge. birdsprings6-179
birdsprings6-181 birdsprings6-192  There are at least 8 horses in this herd with the pinto being the lead. birdsprings6-193 birdsprings6-196
birdsprings6-057  This is something that I have never seen before.  It’s not the typical Benchmark / section marker that we all have seen many times, but it is a GPS control point. birdsprings6-062 birdsprings6-067 birdsprings6-208  The Jans Lucky (?) Mine: This post was lying on the ground when we found it, but we put it back into an upright position for the photo.
birdsprings6-210 birdsprings6-214  In the tobacco can on the post we found a document “Notice of Location” for the mine.  We put the document on a flat rock to photograph it and then put it back in the can.  There are no obvious signs of a mine that we saw and I am sure it has been closed for years. birdsprings6-225 birdsprings6-226