Bird Spring Range 7

birdsprings7-036  Bird Spring 7 is made up of several smaller sites including a small shelter roasting pits, and a couple of rock rings. birdsprings7-005  Shelter 1: This is one of several small shelters in the area.  It has some fire blackening and was probably inhabited at one time. birdsprings7-012 birdsprings7-014
birdsprings7-022 birdsprings7-023 birdsprings7-024 birdsprings7-029
birdsprings7-037 birdsprings7-039  Shelter 2: There is more fire blackening in this one. birdsprings7-034 birdsprings7-041
birdsprings7-045 birdsprings7-047 birdsprings7-054 birdsprings7-059
birdsprings7-070 birdsprings7-061 birdsprings7-062 birdsprings7-064
birdsprings7-065 birdsprings7-068 birdsprings7-072  A small piece of petrified wood. birdsprings7-076
birdsprings7-082  Not far from Bird Spring are three roasting pits that were completely unexpected in this area.  Normally we see a lot of agave in the area of a roasting pit, but in this case there is very little if any.  The pits may have cooked agave at one time, but they may have also been used to cook animals and other plants. birdsprings7-084 birdsprings7-086  The right arrow is the rim of the pit and the left arrow is the center. birdsprings7-088
birdsprings7-094  The rim to the pit. birdsprings7-096 birdsprings7-102  The three pits. birdsprings7-107b  Next to the Joshua tree were 2 rock rings.
birdsprings7-109 birdsprings7-111 birdsprings7-112  This is an oval shaped ring or rock arrangement.  Its alignment is north south. birdsprings7-123
birdsprings7-124 birdsprings7-116  A large chopper. birdsprings7-118 birdsprings7-120
birdsprings7-126  Another rock ring. birdsprings7-128  A rock grouping within a rock pile: This takes a lot of imagination.  In the next photograph you can see a cluster of rocks in an oval shaped pattern.  Also the rocks in the center of the oval appeared to be aligned in patterns. birdsprings7-130 birdsprings7-132