Bird Spring Range 8

birdsprings8-053  In the last 1000 years when traveling long distances in southern Nevada you probably would have chosen one of the natural corridors to make the trip easier.  If you were travelling north, one of the routes would have been paralleling the Bird Spring Range.  Using this route you would have ended up at Red Rock Canyon or headed towards the Las Vegas Springs. birdsprings8-058  On this route paralleling the Bird Spring Range you would pass the intersection of another canyon.  At this intersection through the hills we located a large habitat site made up of multiple rock rings. birdsprings8-003  Rock ring 1: Most of the rings in this area were placed on the flat limestone rock outcrops.  This one is different from most because of the unknown fossils that are protruding from the limestone.  They range in size from 6” to 12” in diameter and resemble a sawed off tree trunk.  See next photo. birdsprings8-007b
birdsprings8-007 birdsprings8-009  Rock ring 1 birdsprings8-012 birdsprings8-019  Rock ring 2:
birdsprings8-019b birdsprings8-021  Rock ring 3: birdsprings8-021b  The layered area at the rear is still standing. birdsprings8-023  Rock rings 4 and 5:
birdsprings8-023b birdsprings8-024  Rock ring 6: birdsprings8-027  Attached to ring 6 is another ring.  Possibly a storage area – left arrow. birdsprings8-029  Rock ring 7: This one is more of a square than a ring shape.
birdsprings8-031 birdsprings8-033  These guys did not seem bothered by us being in their territory. birdsprings8-035 birdsprings8-038
birdsprings8-046  Rock rings 8 and 9: birdsprings8-046b birdsprings8-049 birdsprings8-051  Rock ring 10: With possible center stone.
birdsprings8-061  Rock ring 11: birdsprings8-063 birdsprings8-065  Center Stone. birdsprings8-070  Rock ring 12:
birdsprings8-072 birdsprings8-075  Rock ring 13: birdsprings8-084 birdsprings8-077
birdsprings8-080  Rock rings 14 and 15: birdsprings8-081  Rock ring 16: birdsprings8-085  Rock ring 17: birdsprings8-088
birdsprings8-089  Rock ring 18: birdsprings8-091  Rock rings 19 and 20: birdsprings8-096  Rock ring 21: birdsprings8-097  Rock ring 22:
birdsprings8-099 birdsprings8-102 birdsprings8-104 birdsprings8-105
birdsprings8-108  Rock ring 23: This is a “square” ring. birdsprings8-109 birdsprings8-112  Rock rings 24, 25, and 26: birdsprings8-112b
birdsprings8-113 birdsprings8-116  The arrow is pointing to a “rock pile”. birdsprings8-118  There is no obvious visual evidence as to the purpose of the “rock pile”. birdsprings8-119
birdsprings8-122  Rock ring 27: birdsprings8-123 birdsprings8-126  Looking towards Bird Spring, from the Rock Ring site.