Bird Spring Range 9

birdsprings9-057  On this trip to the Bird Spring area we decided to check out one of the other travel corridors.  On the last trip (Bird Spring 8) we hiked a small part of a north south travel corridor, so this time we searched an east west corridor and got lucky.  We came across more rock rings, a possible shamans shelter complete with a spirit or prayer stick, and a couple of sherds.  Now that’s a good trip. birdsprings9-012  Rock Ring 1: This is a larger double ring.  Each ring is about 8’ across. birdsprings9-014 birdsprings9-017
birdsprings9-021  Rock Ring 2 birdsprings9-022  Rock Ring 3 birdsprings9-024  Rock Ring 4 birdsprings9-026  Rock Ring 5
birdsprings9-028 birdsprings9-030  Rock Ring 6 birdsprings9-033  Rock Ring 7 birdsprings9-034  Rock Ring 8
birdsprings9-036 birdsprings9-039  Rock Ring 9: Possible ceremonial.  The opening is facing north. birdsprings9-041  Rock Ring 10 birdsprings9-042
birdsprings9-045  Rock Ring 11 birdsprings9-046 birdsprings9-048  Rock Ring 12 birdsprings9-051  Rock Ring 13
birdsprings9-053 birdsprings9-004  Rock Ring 14 birdsprings9-006 birdsprings9-007
birdsprings9b-013  In two of the three shelters / caves shown here we found things.  The one on the right was and may still be used as a Shamans Shelter and the one on the far left housed two pottery sherds.  In the area in the foreground and to the right and left we located rock rings. birdsprings9-069  Shamans Shelter. birdsprings9-058  Interior of the shelter. birdsprings9-061  This stone was placed in the hole in the rear of the shelter.
birdsprings9-065 birdsprings9-062  A prayer or spirit stick: This is the 5th Spirit Stick that I have come across in the field.  The following is taken from Throughout history, Native American shamans, or medicine men, carried a spirit stick to use in their quest to evoke powerful, healing spirits. Also known as a medicine stick, or prayer stick, depictions of this religious implement and its associated rituals vary among Indian tribes. birdsprings9-071 birdsprings9-070  Most of the ones that we have found are placed in a crack in the wall of the shelter.
birdsprings9-064 birdsprings9-067  Looking out of the shelter. birdsprings9-078 birdsprings9-075  Another small nearby shelter.
birdsprings9-081  This is shelter number 3 and is probably associated to the Shamans Shelter.  It’s about 5’ high, by 3’ wide and has a packrat midden in it.  It was in the midden that we saw the two pottery sherds. birdsprings9-082 birdsprings9-084 birdsprings9-086  There are probably more sherds in the debris, but the two near the center of the photo were right on the surface.
birdsprings9-087 birdsprings9-091 birdsprings9-094  Backside of the sherds. birdsprings9-099c
birdsprings9-099d birdsprings9-102  This possible ring or fire pit was located next to the shelters. birdsprings9-104 birdsprings9-107  We had a lot of rain during the day.
birdsprings9-109  Rock Ring 15 birdsprings9-114 birdsprings9-116  Rock Ring 16 birdsprings9-117
birdsprings9-118  Rock Ring 17 birdsprings9-121 birdsprings9-127  Rock Ring 17: This ring is made up of two rings. birdsprings9-133  Rock Ring 18
birdsprings9-135 birdsprings9-142  Rock Ring 19: This is a rock ring and possible sighting stone.  See next photo. birdsprings9-152 birdsprings9-145  When you look through the stones you see another possible site on the other side of the valley. Which we did visit and found nothing.
birdsprings9-147 birdsprings9-149 birdsprings9-154  Rock Ring 20: This is another possible double ring or a single ring with a storage area. birdsprings9-155
birdsprings9-160 birdsprings9-164  The ring in the upper right might be a storage area. birdsprings9-167 birdsprings9-168
birdsprings9-170  Rock pile. birdsprings9b-004  Rock Ring 21 birdsprings9b-005 birdsprings9b-007  Rock Ring 22
birdsprings9b-009 birdsprings9b-012  Rock Ring 23 birdsprings9b-040  There is no real visible evidence of habitation in this shelter, but we did find a 3” piece of sharpened bone. birdsprings9b-044
birdsprings9b-048 birdsprings9b-051