Black Canyon 1 - PNWR

blackcanyon1-002  US Hwy 93 runs through part of the Black Canyon site.  Black Canyon is located in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and is mainly known for the Pahranagat style of rock art found there.  Both styles of the Pahranagat Man are found at this location, and until around 2008 or 2010, give or take a couple of years it was accessible to the public.  It was around this time that the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided to close the site down, but as a positive note Highway 93 runs through part of Black Canyon and a few of the panels can still be seen from the edge of the highway.  Because of the closure it could be many years before the average person can legally walk the site again.    This incredible site is easily gotten to and has been visited by scores of people over the years with little or no damage. My mistake was not returning to the site soon after I visited it in 2003.  At that time I assumed that I would be returning, but stuff happens and because of my procrastination I may never be able to visit the site again.  Lesson learned.  If you are interested in the Pahranagat Man there are a few obscure archaeological PDF’s available on the Internet. blackcanyon1-003 blackoverview1 blackcanyon1-069  The main site. I left many of the duplicate photos in the collection because the changing lighting conditions made different parts of the panels more visible.
blackcanyon1-013  This panel has both styles the Pahranagat Man. blackcanyon1-015 blackcanyon1-067 blackcanyon1-068
blackcanyon1-007  This is an example of the patterned-bodied motif.  It has a rectangular shaped body with an interior design similar to a rug or tapestry.  It often has fringe on the lower end with straight stick arms and legs.  The shorthand term often applied to these patterned-bodied anthropomorphs is PBAs. blackcanyon1-008 blackcanyon1-017 blackcanyon1-022
blackcanyon1-024 blackcanyon1-025 blackcanyon1-018 blackcanyon1-019
blackcanyon1-023 blackcanyon1-021 blackcanyon1-016 blackcanyon1-009
blackcanyon1-011 blackcanyon1-027 blackcanyon1-028 blackcanyon1-029  Another patterned-bodied anthropomorph.
blackcanyon1-030 blackcanyon1-031 blackcanyon1-032 blackcanyon1-033
blackcanyon1-034 blackcanyon1-035 blackcanyon1-041 blackcanyon1-042
blackcanyon1-043 blackcanyon1-044  This style is often called a Pahranagat Man or P-Man for short.  It has the solid body motif with hands at the end of down turned arms, straight stick like legs, and circular unpecked eyes.  It also has a spike like structure coming off the top of its head. blackcanyon1-045 blackcanyon1-046
blackcanyon1-047 blackcanyon1-048 blackcanyon1-026 blackcanyon1-049
blackcanyon1-050 blackcanyon1-051 blackcanyon1-052 blackcanyon1-053
blackcanyon1-054 blackcanyon1-036 blackcanyon1-055  The Pahranagat Man. blackcanyon1-056
blackcanyon1-059 blackcanyon1-057 blackcanyon1-058 blackcanyon1-060
blackcanyon1-061 blackcanyon1-064 blackcanyon1-065 blackcanyon1-066
blackcanyon1-076 blackcanyon1-077 blackcanyon1-078 blackcanyon1-081
blackcanyon1-082 blackcanyon1-083 blackcanyon1-084 blackcanyon1-088
blackcanyon1-142 blackcanyon1-097 blackcanyon1-143 blackcanyon1-144
blackcanyon1-089 blackcanyon1-090 blackcanyon1-091 blackcanyon1-092
blackcanyon1-093 blackcanyon1-094 blackcanyon1-098 blackcanyon1-099
blackcanyon1-101 blackcanyon1-100 blackcanyon1-102 blackcanyon1-103
blackcanyon1-104 blackcanyon1-105 blackcanyon1-106 blackcanyon1-107
blackcanyon1-108 blackcanyon1-109 blackcanyon1-111 blackcanyon1-113
blackcanyon1-168 blackcanyon1-115 blackcanyon1-114 blackcanyon1-182
blackcanyon1-179 blackcanyon1-181 blackcanyon1-123 blackcanyon1-124
blackcanyon1-125 blackcanyon1-133 blackcanyon1-134 blackcanyon1-135
blackcanyon1-122 blackcanyon1-121 blackcanyon1-126 blackcanyon1-136
blackcanyon1-074 blackcanyon1-080 blackcanyon1-079 blackcanyon1-175
blackcanyon1-117 blackcanyon1-120 blackcanyon1-116 blackcanyon1-119
blackcanyon1-127 blackcanyon1-128 blackcanyon1-129 blackcanyon1-130
blackcanyon1-131 blackcanyon1-177 blackcanyon1-085 blackcanyon1-178
blackcanyon1-138 blackcanyon1-140 blackcanyon1-141 blackcanyon1-145
blackcanyon1-146 blackcanyon1-147 blackcanyon1-148 blackcanyon1-149
blackcanyon1-150 blackcanyon1-152 blackcanyon1-151 blackcanyon1-154
blackcanyon1-153 blackcanyon1-155 blackcanyon1-156 blackcanyon1-157
blackcanyon1-158 blackcanyon1-159 blackcanyon1-160 blackcanyon1-161
blackcanyon1-162 blackcanyon1-163 blackcanyon1-165 blackcanyon1-166
blackcanyon1-167 blackcanyon1-171 blackcanyon1-172 blackcanyon1-173
blackcanyon1-174 blackcanyon1-176 blackcanyon1-186 blackcanyon1-184
blackcanyon1-187 blackcanyon1-189 blackcanyon1-191 blackcanyon1-190
blackcanyon1-192 blackcanyon1-194 blackcanyon1-193 blackcanyon1-199
blackcanyon1-196 blackcanyon1-197 blackcanyon1-195 blackcanyon1-004
blackcanyon1-005 blackcanyon1-006