Black Canyon 2 - PNWR

blackcanyon2-002  US Hwy 93 runs through part of the Black Canyon site.  Black Canyon is located in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and is mainly known for the Pahranagat style of rock art found there.  Both styles of the Pahranagat Man are found at this location, and until around 2008 or 2010, give or take a couple of years it was accessible to the public.  It was around this time that the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided to close the site down, but as a positive note Highway 93 runs through part of Black Canyon and a few of the panels can still be seen from the edge of the highway.  Because of the closure it could be many years before the average person can legally walk the site again.    This incredible site is easily gotten to and has been visited by scores of people over the years with little or no damage. blackcanyon2-001 blackcanyon2-003  This part of the Black Canyon site also contains both styles of the Pahranagat Man. blackcanyon2-006
blackcanyon2-011 blackcanyon2-005 blackcanyon2-013 blackcanyon2-012
blackcanyon2-004 blackcanyon2-015 blackcanyon2-009 blackcanyon2-008
blackcanyon2-010 blackcanyon2-014 blackcanyon2-016 blackcanyon2-017
blackcanyon2-018 blackcanyon2-025 blackcanyon2-026 blackcanyon2-049
blackcanyon2-020 blackcanyon2-021 blackcanyon2-022 blackcanyon2-023
blackcanyon2-024 blackcanyon2-027 blackcanyon2-028 blackcanyon2-030
blackcanyon2-031 blackcanyon2-032 blackcanyon2-033 blackcanyon2-034
blackcanyon2-035 blackcanyon2-037 blackcanyon2-038 blackcanyon2-036
blackcanyon2-044 blackcanyon2-040 blackcanyon2-039 blackcanyon2-047  Historic foundation.
blackcanyon2-048 blackcanyon2-041 blackcanyon2-042 blackcanyon2-050  A local.