Black Canyon 3 - Rock Rings Hill 1

bcrockrings1-062  Black Canyon is located in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and is mainly known for the Pahranagat style of rock art found there, but located just above the rock art are some of the best rock rings that I have seen.  Hill 1: We covered two hilltops and for our purposes I am calling them Hill 1 & 2.   On top of our “Hill 1” there is a large village site measuring approximately 246’ x 311’ (for you purest 75 x 95 meters).  It contains 23 rock features in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some of the circles are possibly the remnants of prehistoric house foundations; other circles and partial circles with stone floors are thought to be cache sites.  Other rock features include linear rock alignments, possible hunting blinds, ceremonial shrines and/or prayer seats. bcrockrings1-064 bcrockrings1-002  Some of the rock features that we came across are very obvious in their probable use, but we came across several that were similar to this one.  Our best guess was either a collapsed housing ring or a hunting blind. bcrockrings1-003
bcrockrings1-005 bcrockrings1-011  A rock ring with a center stone (arrow). bcrockrings1-013 bcrockrings1-015  An L-shaped alignment with opening at the corner.
bcrockrings1-028 bcrockrings1-017 bcrockrings1-020  A rock ring with parallel sides. bcrockrings1-019
bcrockrings1-031 bcrockrings1-022 bcrockrings1-025  These small areas like this may have been “pot holders”. bcrockrings1-027  Another small ring, which is about 30” in diameter.
bcrockrings1-034  This ring / foundation measures about 15’ x 12’. bcrockrings1-033 bcrockrings1-037 bcrockrings1-038b  A rock ring.
bcrockrings1-038 bcrockrings1-041 bcrockrings1-043  This ring is about 4’ x 5’. bcrockrings1-044  Another large ring with attached smaller ring.
bcrockrings1-048 bcrockrings1-050  Another large ring with attached smaller ring. bcrockrings1-050b  The arrows point to the two rings. bcrockrings1-051
bcrockrings1-053 bcrockrings1-055 bcrockrings1-058  There are a total of 4 sleeping rings in this photo. bcrockrings1-059b  The arrows point to 3 of the sleeping rings.
bcrockrings1-066  Another rock ring. bcrockrings1-068  A center stone in this ring. bcrockrings1-070  A possible hunting blind or ... bcrockrings1-071
bcrockrings1-073 bcrockrings1-077  There were many of these “rock piles” along the top of the hill and some of them had upright stones in the pile.  I have been told that these are shrines. bcrockrings1-079 bcrockrings1-083
bcrockrings1-085  A possible rock shrine. bcrockrings1-087  These rock rings are on a stone floor.  Some people are describing this as a cache site vs. a habitat site. bcrockrings1-091 bcrockrings1-093
bcrockrings1-095b bcrockrings1-095 bcrockrings1-100 bcrockrings1-101  Rock shrine vs. rock pile: Possibility 1: A Rock Shrine. Possibility 2: The rock pile is the result of rocks being piled during the construction of the rock circles.
bcrockrings1-105 bcrockrings1-109  This path goes through the center of a rock alignment. bcrockrings1-112  Rock arrangement that may be a possible pot holder. bcrockrings1-115  Multiple rock rings.
bcrockrings1-116 bcrockrings1-119  Center stone in a rock ring. bcrockrings1-121 bcrockrings1-122  A rock configuration or alignment, with attached small partial ring.
bcrockrings1-125 bcrockrings1-126  Attached rock rings. bcrockrings1-128 bcrockrings1-131
bcrockrings1-132 bcrockrings1-135  Rock alignment. bcrockrings1-136 bcrockrings1-136b  A rock ring next to the rock alignment.
bcrockrings1-139 bcrockrings1-140  Two attached rock rings bcrockrings1-144  A large multi layered rock circle.  This is the beginning of the main site. bcrockrings1-146
bcrockrings1-148  The left arrow is the rock circle and the right arrow is a possible milling area. bcrockrings1-152  Another large multi layered rock circle (probable habitat). bcrockrings1-150  An attached partial ring next to the main rock circle. bcrockrings1-153
bcrockrings1-157 bcrockrings1-159  Arrow 1 is the center of the rock ring.  Arrow 2 is an upright stone within the ring.  Arrow 3 is an attached rock ring. bcrockrings1-164  Two more rock rings. bcrockrings1-161  Left arrow is center of ring 1 and the right arrow is a possible center stone for ring 2.
bcrockrings1-166  This rock pile may be a rock shrine or a directional pointer.  The large rock at the bottom points in a northerly direction. bcrockrings1-167  A large rock circle, and attached rock ring on stone floor. bcrockrings1-170 bcrockrings1-170b  Three rock circles.
bcrockrings1-172  A path through the village site. bcrockrings1-174  More rock circles. bcrockrings1-176 bcrockrings1-178b  The center of a circle.
bcrockrings1-182  More rock circles. bcrockrings1-184  Rock circles. bcrockrings1-185 bcrockrings1-185b
bcrockrings1-187 bcrockrings1-196 bcrockrings1-201  A large multi tiered rock circle. bcrockrings1-205
bcrockrings1-207 bcrockrings1-210 bcrockrings1-211 bcrockrings1-215  Another large multi tiered rock circle.
bcrockrings1-218 bcrockrings1-221 bcrockrings1-222  A possible petroglyph. bcrockrings1-224
bcrockrings1-226  Another large multi tiered rock circle. bcrockrings1-228 bcrockrings1-230 bcrockrings1-234
bcrockrings1-237 bcrockrings1-240 bcrockrings1-241 bcrockrings1-243  More rock rings.
bcrockrings1-247  A small ring. bcrockrings1-252  A partial rock ring. bcrockrings1-256  This one has several possibilities, but my choice is it is ceremonial in nature. bcrockrings1-258
bcrockrings1-260 bcrockrings1-263  Another partial rock ring. bcrockrings1-265