Black Canyon 4 - Rock Rings Hill 2

bcrockrings1-314  Black Canyon is located in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and is mainly known for the Pahranagat style of rock art found there, but located just above the rock art are some of the best rock rings that I have seen.  Hill 2: The Hill 2 site measures about 360’ x 541’ (110 x 165 meters) and contains 8 rock features.  The features include rock circles, which may be the remnants of prehistoric house foundations, possible hunting blinds, ceremonial shrines and/or prayer seats.  Other circles and partial circles with stone floors are thought to be cache sites.  Nearby this site are several rock art panels and a small shelter, which we did not photograph. bcrockrings1-312  Standing on Hill 2 looking towards Hill 1. bcrockrings1-310 bcrockrings1-266  A possible hunting blind about half way down the slope.
bcrockrings1-276  The arrow points to the possible hunting blind. bcrockrings1-270 bcrockrings1-281  One of the first rock rings that we found. bcrockrings1-286
bcrockrings1-288 bcrockrings1-290  A V-shaped alignment with stones in the center. bcrockrings1-292 bcrockrings1-293  A small cairn.
bcrockrings1-296 bcrockrings1-297  A small 18” rock ring possibly used as a pot holder. bcrockrings1-299 bcrockrings1-301b
bcrockrings1-301  A rock ring within a square rock arrangement. bcrockrings1-305  A rock ring near the edge of the cliff looking towards Hill 1. bcrockrings1-307 bcrockrings1-317  Another rock ring.
bcrockrings1-319 bcrockrings1-323  Looking towards the point on Hill 2. bcrockrings1-325  Rock ring with center stone. bcrockrings1-327
bcrockrings1-329  Small rock pile. bcrockrings1-330 bcrockrings1-332 bcrockrings1-334
bcrockrings1-338  Another ring near the edge. bcrockrings1-339 bcrockrings1-344  A possible blind or sitting area. bcrockrings1-345  A rock ring.
bcrockrings1-349 bcrockrings1-356  An upright stone.  I have heard these referred to as pointers or direction stones, back rest, and ceremonial places. bcrockrings1-358 bcrockrings1-359  A view towards Hill 1.
bcrockrings1-362 bcrockrings1-365  Two paths merging into one?? bcrockrings1-366 bcrockrings1-368  Looking towards the top of Hill 2.
bcrockrings1-370  There were more rock rings in this area as we approached the end of Hill 2 bcrockrings1-374 bcrockrings1-377  Another upright stone. bcrockrings1-379
bcrockrings1-380  Another upright or backrest stone. bcrockrings1-382  Looking at the stone from this angle it takes on more of a ceremonial look. bcrockrings1-385 bcrockrings1-387
bcrockrings1-390  Another large ring or circle with “upright” stones.  The opening on this circle faces towards the south. bcrockrings1-393 bcrockrings1-396 bcrockrings1-397  A ring within a ring.
bcrockrings1-401 bcrockrings1-405  A rock ring that is about 8’ in diameter with a cleared area in the center. bcrockrings1-406 bcrockrings1-412
bcrockrings1-411  Another rock ring with center stones. bcrockrings1-409 bcrockrings1-414 bcrockrings1-416
bcrockrings1-419 bcrockrings1-421  A rock ring with upright center stone. bcrockrings1-423 bcrockrings1-424  Possible hunting blind 1: This rock feature is slightly above ground level and we are assuming that it was used as a hunting blind.
bcrockrings1-426 bcrockrings1-429 bcrockrings1-433 bcrockrings1-434
bcrockrings1-436  Rock circle. bcrockrings1-439 bcrockrings1-440 bcrockrings1-444
bcrockrings1-450  Possible hunting blind 2: bcrockrings1-452 bcrockrings1-455 bcrockrings1-456  More upright stones connected to a rock ring.
bcrockrings1-458 bcrockrings1-461 bcrockrings1-462  The end of Hill 2. bcrockrings1-464  As we were leaving area we came across the historical “Petroglyph Cabin”. The flowing paragraph was taken from the Fish and Wildlife Service website.  The Pahranagat Valley is also rich in pioneer history. The first settlers were interested in ranching and farming. The natural springs provided an abundance of water with which to raise crops and provide grazing. One historical building on the refuge, the Walden house, is said to be the original pioneer dwelling of this area. The structure is made of stone, originally constructed around 1864.  The Walden House is now called the Petroglyph Cabin.
bcrockrings1-466 bcrockrings1-467 bcrockrings1-469  Some of the rocks used on the front of the cabin are actually petroglyphs taken from a nearby site hence the name Petroglyph Cabin. bcrockrings1-471
bcrockrings1-474 bcrockrings1-475 bcrockrings1-477 bcrockrings1-479
bcrockrings1-485 bcrockrings1-481 bcrockrings1-483 bcrockrings1-490
bcrockrings1-491 bcrockrings1-493 bcrockrings1-504  The rear window. bcrockrings1-497  These interior shots were taken through the rear window.
bcrockrings1-498 bcrockrings1-499 bcrockrings1-506 bcrockrings1-507
bcrockrings1-509  These interior shots were taken through the front door. bcrockrings1-510 bcrockrings1-511 bcrockrings1-512
bcrockrings1-513 bcrockrings1-515  Just across the road in front of the cabin is a hook on the tree for weighing hogs.  This hook has probably been there for many, many years. bcrockrings1-519  The tree has grown over / around most of the hook bcrockrings1-524
bcrockrings1-528  Looking towards the hills and the highway standing in front of the “hog tree”. bcrockrings1-529 bcrockrings1-531