Cow Cove Complex 4

cowcove4a-004  This is typical of the terrain at Cow Cove. cowcove4a-013 cowcove4a-005 cowcove4a-008
cowcove4a-010 cowcove4a-012 cowcove4a-016 cowcove4a-017
cowcove4a-019 cowcove4a-024 cowcove4a-025 cowcove4a-195
cowcove4a-028 cowcove4a-030 cowcove4a-032 cowcove4a-033
cowcove4a-038 cowcove4a-036 cowcove4a-191 cowcove4a-022
cowcove4a-193 cowcove4a-048 cowcove4a-043 cowcove4a-044
cowcove4a-049 cowcove4a-051 cowcove4a-053 cowcove4a-055
cowcove4a-057 cowcove4a-060 cowcove4a-061 cowcove4a-063
cowcove4a-066 cowcove4a-068 cowcove4a-070 cowcove4a-072
cowcove4a-076 cowcove4a-074 cowcove4a-080 cowcove4a-083
cowcove4a-085 cowcove4a-086 cowcove4a-089 cowcove4a-090
cowcove4a-106 cowcove4a-093 cowcove4a-098 cowcove4a-094
cowcove4a-100 cowcove4a-103 cowcove4a-113 cowcove4a-111
cowcove4a-115 cowcove4a-117 cowcove4a-122 cowcove4a-125
cowcove4a-123 cowcove4a-127 cowcove4a-128 cowcove4a-133
cowcove4a-135 cowcove4a-137 cowcove4a-138 cowcove4a-141
cowcove4a-143 cowcove4a-144 cowcove4a-150 cowcove4a-154
cowcove4a-147 cowcove4a-148 cowcove4a-156 cowcove4a-159
cowcove4a-161 cowcove4a-163  We found several metates, or mortars, and enhanced holes, which were all in very large rocks at this site.  This enhanced hole or mortar has rock art around it. cowcove4a-152 cowcove4a-164
cowcove4a-167 cowcove4a-169 cowcove4a-171 cowcove4a-173
cowcove4a-175 cowcove4a-177 cowcove4a-179 cowcove4a-181
cowcove4a-183 cowcove4a-184 cowcove4a-188 cowcove4a-187
cowcove4a-189 cowcove4a-197  A rock formation.  A possible marker or pointer. cowcove4a-198 cowcove4a-200
cowcove4a-205  As much as I asked nicely, this little guy would not come out to get his photo taken.