Cow Cove Complex 6

cowcove4c-224  This type of scene is not uncommon to Cow Cove.  It is August just after a heavy summer rain and things green up in the desert.  Sometimes you get lucky when you find a rock outcropping like this and you find either rock art or a habitat area; we got lucky and found both. cowcove4c-229 cowcove4c-203 cowcove4c-206
cowcove4c-208 cowcove4c-209 cowcove4c-216 cowcove4c-218
cowcove4c-220 cowcove4c-222 cowcove4c-232 cowcove4c-233
cowcove4c-239 cowcove4c-242 cowcove4c-247 cowcove4c-249
cowcove4c-250 cowcove4c-253 cowcove4c-260 cowcove4c-254
cowcove4c-256 cowcove4c-259 cowcove4c-262 cowcove4c-265
cowcove4c-266 cowcove4c-271 cowcove4c-273 cowcove4c-277
cowcove4c-279 cowcove4c-281 cowcove4c-282  A cleared area in the basalt rocks and is possibly a rock ring. cowcove4c-284
cowcove4c-287 cowcove4c-288 cowcove4c-292 cowcove4c-295
cowcove4c-299 cowcove4c-301 cowcove4c-305 cowcove4c-296
cowcove4c-307  A grinding slick or metate located at the base of the rock art site. cowcove4c-309 cowcove4c-311 cowcove4c-313
cowcove4c-315 cowcove4c-317 cowcove4c-319 cowcove4c-336
cowcove4c-352  This is an interesting glyph.  It’s the only thing on this group of rocks and is probably a shield, but it also is very similar to a death mask that we saw in Hidden Valley. cowcove4c-361 cowcove4c-364 cowcove4c-351  We spotted this rock outcropping from about ¾ of a mile away and had to go check it out.  It is what I call a classic stereotypical site location.  It’s a large single rock pile, on a point, next to a dry wash that still has seasonal water in it.  This is a no-brainer when it comes to visiting it.  It ended up being a habitat site located under the Joshua Trees (left side).
cowcove4c-334 cowcove4c-332  The site is in the trees below. cowcove4c-320  The metate is left center in this photo. cowcove4c-323
cowcove4c-327 cowcove4c-339  This old growth Joshua tree is close to the previous habitat site and makes a perfect shelter – minus a few of the creepy crawlers that live in it.  It gives a lot of shade, and by placing other branches over it you could have a ready-made seasonal shelter.  When rock shelters were not available, this type of shelter would have been a good choice and they are not uncommon in this area. cowcove4c-341 cowcove4c-343