Cow Cove Complex 7

cowcove7-004  Cow Cove 7 stretches for about 200’ with the petroglyphs starting at or near the base of the slope and reaching up to the top that ranges from about 15’ to 30’ in height. cowcove7-006 cowcove7-008 cowcove7-012a  Cow Cove (CA) in general has many petroglyphs that I am not familiar with.  For me they are unique - unique because they are not common in southern Nevada where I normally explore.  This is one of them, a possible Scorpion petroglyph.
cowcove7-012 cowcove7-015 cowcove7-017 cowcove7-018
cowcove7-029 cowcove7-024  This is another one that is not common in southern Nevada. cowcove7-032 cowcove7-034
cowcove7-009 cowcove7-027 cowcove7-035 cowcove7-037
cowcove7-040 cowcove7-044 cowcove7-046 cowcove7-048
cowcove7-050 cowcove7-052 cowcove7-054 cowcove7-055
cowcove7-060 cowcove7-062 cowcove7-066  Grinding slick. cowcove7-068  Buried metate??
cowcove7-070 cowcove7-072 cowcove7-073 cowcove7-075
cowcove7-079 cowcove7-083 cowcove7-085 cowcove7-078
cowcove7-089 cowcove7-091 cowcove7-093 cowcove7-094
cowcove7-097 cowcove7-099 cowcove7-102 cowcove7-104
cowcove7-107 cowcove7-110 cowcove7-114 cowcove7-116
cowcove7-118 cowcove7-120 cowcove7-122 cowcove7-124
cowcove7-129 cowcove7-131 cowcove7-134 cowcove7-136
cowcove7-138 cowcove7-139 cowcove7-143 cowcove7-146
cowcove7-148 cowcove7-150 cowcove7-151 cowcove7-154
cowcove7-156 cowcove7-161 cowcove7-162 cowcove7-167
cowcove7-169 cowcove7-171 cowcove7-173 cowcove7-175
cowcove7-177 cowcove7-178 cowcove7-181 cowcove7-185
cowcove7-182 cowcove7-189 cowcove7-191 cowcove7-194
cowcove7-196 cowcove7-198 cowcove7-200 cowcove7-202
cowcove7-204 cowcove7-206 cowcove7-208 cowcove7-210
cowcove7-213 cowcove7-215 cowcove7-218 cowcove7-220
cowcove7-221 cowcove7-226 cowcove7-228 cowcove7-230
cowcove7-231 cowcove7-235 cowcove7-238 cowcove7-239
cowcove7-241 cowcove7-243 cowcove7-246 cowcove7-248
cowcove7-249 cowcove7-251 cowcove7-253 cowcove7-256
cowcove7-259 cowcove7-261 cowcove7-262 cowcove7-264
cowcove7-266 cowcove7-268 cowcove7-270 cowcove7-272
cowcove7-275 cowcove7-283 cowcove7-276 cowcove7-281
cowcove7-284 cowcove7-287 cowcove7-289 cowcove7-290
cowcove7-293 cowcove7-295 cowcove7-297 cowcove7-299
cowcove7-303 cowcove7-305 cowcove7-306 cowcove7-308
cowcove7-310 cowcove7-313 cowcove7-314 cowcove7-317
cowcove7-319 cowcove7-321 cowcove7-325 cowcove7-328  I have been told that this might be a water glyph.  Water glyphs are not something that I am familiar with in southern Nevada, and I know they are more common in Utah and northern Arizona, but I am not sure about California.
cowcove7-330 cowcove7-332 cowcove7-334 cowcove7-337
cowcove7-340 cowcove7-342 cowcove7-344 cowcove7-345
cowcove7-347 cowcove7-349 cowcove7-353 cowcove7-355
cowcove7-357 cowcove7-360 cowcove7-362 cowcove7-364
cowcove7-366 cowcove7-368 cowcove7-369 cowcove7-371
cowcove7-374 cowcove7-377 cowcove7-380 cowcove7-381
cowcove7-384 cowcove7-385 cowcove7-388 cowcove7-389
cowcove7-393 cowcove7-395 cowcove7-398 cowcove7-399
cowcove7-402 cowcove7-404 cowcove7-406 cowcove7-407
cowcove7-409 cowcove7-420 cowcove7-417 cowcove7-415
cowcove7-421 cowcove7-424 cowcove7-426 cowcove7-428
cowcove7-430 cowcove7-432 cowcove7-434  Possible rock ring, upper center. cowcove7-436  Rock ring??
cowcove7-442 cowcove7-443