Cow Cove Complex 8

cowcove8-010  Cow Cove 8 is made up of three smaller sites with the petroglyphs starting at or near the base of the slope and reaching up to the top that ranges from about 15’ to 30’ in height. cowcove8-014  A metate. cowcove8-015 cowcove8-018
cowcove8-022 cowcove8-024 cowcove8-025 cowcove8-028
cowcove8-030 cowcove8-032 cowcove8-034 cowcove8-038  Grinding slick.
cowcove8-041 cowcove8-002 cowcove8-003 cowcove8-007  Grinding slick.
cowcove8-045 cowcove8-046  The element on the left is sometimes known as the Comet of 1066.  I have been fortunate enough to see this same symbol in several different sites in southern Nevada.  Ancient Greek texts reveal the earliest recorded sighting of the solar system's most famous comet 2,500 years ago and it is possible that this petroglyph is also a recording of Halley’s Comet.  Halley's Comet is the most famous of the short-period comets, which are comets that complete their eccentric orbits in 200 years or less. It's the only short-period comet that's visible to the naked eye, and its 76-year circuit means it's the one comet that pretty much everyone can hope to see once, if not twice, during their lifetime. Because of this uniqueness, it's become something of humanity's companion throughout human history, popping up again and again in historical records. cowcove8-046c cowcove8-046d
cowcove8-049 cowcove8-051 cowcove8-053 cowcove8-054
cowcove8-057 cowcove8-057b cowcove8-062 cowcove8-065
cowcove8-067 cowcove8-069 cowcove8-072 cowcove8-074
cowcove8-077 cowcove8-079 cowcove8-081 cowcove8-083
cowcove8-087 cowcove8-089 cowcove8-102 cowcove8-090
cowcove8-093 cowcove8-095 cowcove8-096 cowcove8-099
cowcove8-101 cowcove8-104 cowcove8-106b cowcove8-106
cowcove8-111 cowcove8-112 cowcove8-113 cowcove8-115
cowcove8-122 cowcove8-124 cowcove8-126 cowcove8-128
cowcove8-130 cowcove8-132 cowcove8-133 cowcove8-136
cowcove8-148  This is another interesting one that I have never seen in southern Nevada. cowcove8-144 cowcove8-145 cowcove8-152
cowcove8-153 cowcove8-155 cowcove8-150 cowcove8-159
cowcove8-164 cowcove8-167 cowcove8-169 cowcove8-171
cowcove8-176 cowcove8-173 cowcove8-178 cowcove8-180
cowcove8-182 cowcove8-183 cowcove8-186  This is another interesting one that I have never seen in southern Nevada. cowcove8-190
cowcove8-193 cowcove8-210 cowcove8-196 cowcove8-198
cowcove8-200 cowcove8-202 cowcove8-204 cowcove8-205
cowcove8-207 cowcove8-212 cowcove8-214 cowcove8-215
cowcove8-218 cowcove8-221 cowcove8-227 cowcove8-224
cowcove8-226 cowcove8-234 cowcove8-231 cowcove8-236
cowcove8-238 cowcove8-251 cowcove8-239 cowcove8-244
cowcove8-245 cowcove8-248 cowcove8-250 cowcove8-253
cowcove8-256 cowcove8-258 cowcove8-260 cowcove8-262
cowcove8-264 cowcove8-266  Enhanced hole or possible mortar. cowcove8-267 cowcove8-272
cowcove8-274 cowcove8-276 cowcove8-279 cowcove8-281
cowcove8-282 cowcove8-285 cowcove8-287 cowcove8-289
cowcove8-291 cowcove8-293 cowcove8-295 cowcove8-296
cowcove8-299 cowcove8-302 cowcove8-303 cowcove8-308
cowcove8-311 cowcove8-313 cowcove8-315 cowcove8-316
cowcove8-319 cowcove8-321 cowcove8-323 cowcove8-325
cowcove8-327 cowcove8-329 cowcove8-331 cowcove8-332
cowcove8-344 cowcove8-346 cowcove8-337 cowcove8-343
cowcove8-338 cowcove8-341 cowcove8-349 cowcove8-351
cowcove8-352 cowcove8-354 cowcove8-357 cowcove8-359