Calico Basin 10

calicobasin10-035  This, and the following four photographs give you an idea of the terrain we were hiking in.  Sometimes history is not real obvious so keep your eyes open, as it is easy to step right over 2000 years of history.  I know that we missed a lot, but we will catch some of it on the next trip. calicobasin10-039 calicobasin10-042 calicobasin10-050
calicobasin10-053 calicobasin10-016  This is one of many shelters that we came across. calicobasin10a-002  Looking out of the shelter across the wash. calicobasin10-013  I didn’t see any artifacts on the ground inside of the shelter, but I did see pieces of charcoal.  When I starting seeing charcoal marking on the walls, I assumed everything that I was seeing was only a few years old, but I took a few photos anyway.  When I processed the photographs using the D-Stretch program, I found a few things under all the graffiti that might be an actual pictograph.
calicobasin10a-022  This is part of the wall as it presents itself. calicobasin10a-022a  Within the oval you can see what might be a zoomorph and below it an unknown design. calicobasin10a-022ds  In the upper part of this photo you can see what may be two zoomorphs, possibly coyotes or dogs – one blue and one charcoal.  In the next two photographs they are more clearly visible.  Most of the “charcoals” were markings that I was not able to clean up enough to ascertain whether or not they were historic or old.  I am assuming that there might be a few original pictographs under the modern graffiti, but I am not adept enough with D-Stretch to clear away the junk from the good. calicobasin10a-021ds2
calicobasin10a-021ds3 calicobasin10-018  Another nearby shelter. calicobasin10-021 calicobasin10-025  Bedrock mortar.  It’s about 9” across and 3” deep.
calicobasin10-027 calicobasin10-028 calicobasin10-032 calicobasin10-056  This is a possible habitat site.  It looks like a rock ring, possibly a double rock ring.  Where it is located would make a great seasonal habitat complete with water and game.  It is several feet above the waterline, so most of the time it would be dry.
calicobasin10-059 calicobasin10-063 calicobasin10-065 calicobasin10-067
calicobasin10-069 calicobasin10-071 calicobasin10-073  The top of this flat stone has been chipped out in two places for some unknown reason. calicobasin10-074
calicobasin10-077 calicobasin10-078 calicobasin10-079  A nearby shelter.  There are two groupings of rocks at the front of the shelter, which possibly are cooking areas. calicobasin10-081
calicobasin10-084 calicobasin10-088  A beautiful shelter with the remnants of what may have been rock rings or cooking rings near the front. calicobasin10-101 calicobasin10-090
calicobasin10-091 calicobasin10-092 calicobasin10-094 calicobasin10-095
calicobasin10-102 calicobasin10-107  On this large sandstone boulder you can see four, possibly six, “sharpening” areas on the face of the boulder.  Personally, this was an exciting find. calicobasin10-116 calicobasin10-110
calicobasin10-111 calicobasin10-113 calicobasin10-114 calicobasin10-121
calicobasin10-122  More shelters. calicobasin10-131  A large shelter. calicobasin10-123 calicobasin10-125
calicobasin10-127 calicobasin10-128 calicobasin10-129 calicobasin10-138  A cupule??  It is approximately 1.5” in diameter.
calicobasin10-139 calicobasin10-142 calicobasin10-143 calicobasin10-146  …and another beautiful shelter with some fire blackening.
calicobasin10-147 calicobasin10-148 calicobasin10-150 calicobasin10-151
calicobasin10-153 calicobasin10-154 calicobasin10-133  A nice shelter complete with rock groupings / rock rings and a grinding slick inside. calicobasin10-157
calicobasin10-135 calicobasin10-163  We have seen this before.  A small grouping of stones with one stone “pointing” in a direction.  The one rock in the lower center is part of a metate. calicobasin10-164 calicobasin10-167  Possible rock rings at the entrance of the shelter.
calicobasin10-169 calicobasin10-170 calicobasin10-172 calicobasin10-175
calicobasin10-177 calicobasin10-182  Grinding slick. calicobasin10-185 calicobasin10-187
calicobasin10-188 calicobasin10-190 calicobasin10-198 calicobasin10-200
calicobasin10-202  There are possible cupules in the lower half of the rock. calicobasin10-204  Possible cupule. calicobasin10-207  Another grouping of shelters. calicobasin10-215
calicobasin10-217 calicobasin10-208  Possible fire pit. calicobasin10-211  There are a couple of things going on here.  It could be a curved rock-lined path, or possibly the stones where used to brace the base of poles as part of a lean-to shelter. calicobasin10-212
calicobasin10-213  A cooking or fire pit. calicobasin10-219 calicobasin10a-043  This rock arrangement is possibly a directional marker. calicobasin10a-045
calicobasin10a-047 calicobasin10a-049  Partial ring or curved rock alignment. calicobasin10a-051 calicobasin10a-051a  The curve rock grouping is outlined in white.
calicobasin10a-067  There are several “rock groupings” in this immediate area.  They range from 3 to 10 rocks in a semi-straight line or look like a lined path.  I feel that the rocks were “placed” and not naturally occurring. calicobasin10a-065 calicobasin10a-065a calicobasin10a-071  Possible petroglyph in the dark area on the sandstone outcropping.
calicobasin10a-073 calicobasin10a-075  It is very difficult to see in this photograph, but there appears to be a petroglyph in the dark area of the sandstone. calicobasin10a-077 calicobasin10a-079  This is a very cool find.  It is a portable sharpening stone.  Much like the boulder ( slide #42 ) with the 4 to 6 sharpening areas except this one could be taken with you.  It was spotted very close to the trail on the way back to the parking area.  I am guessing that someone found it and had to ditch it because someone was approaching them and they did not want to be caught with it.  I like that story, so I am sticking with it.
calicobasin10a-081 calicobasin10a-084 calicobasin10a-088 calicobasin10a-057  This little guy was also right on the trail.  He measured about 6” long.
calicobasin10a-061 calicobasin10a-062