Calico Basin Misc 1

calicobasinmisc1-226  This is typical of the area we were hiking. calicobasinmisc1-004  Shelter 1 Just a cool shelter, but no signs of habitation. calicobasinmisc1-006 calicobasinmisc1-008
calicobasinmisc1-010 calicobasinmisc1-013 calicobasinmisc1-019 calicobasinmisc1-015
calicobasinmisc1-021  Shelter 2 Another cool shelter, but again no signs of habitation. calicobasinmisc1-023 calicobasinmisc1-024 calicobasinmisc1-025
calicobasinmisc1-026 calicobasinmisc1-032  A small weather station located up one of the side canyons. calicobasinmisc1-044 calicobasinmisc1-046
calicobasinmisc1-048 calicobasinmisc1-050 calicobasinmisc1-052 calicobasinmisc1-056  A rock ring or rock arrangement.
calicobasinmisc1-062 calicobasinmisc1-063 calicobasinmisc1-127  This particular wash has had a lot of erosion over the years as evidenced in  this, and the following 4 photos. calicobasinmisc1-186
calicobasinmisc1-188 calicobasinmisc1-189 calicobasinmisc1-194 calicobasinmisc1-202  This one is interesting.  After my initial reaction of, “How cool is this!”, I realized that I did not have a clue what I was looking at; but after some inquires to experts in several different fields, we have a conclusion thanks to a sedimentologist from Utah:  “It is the remnants of an evaporate mineral (like gypsum).  They have the "rosette spray orientations", but in particular they are tapered at both ends.  It also looks like they are along a bedding plane which would be consistent with evaporite minerals, where the mineral itself is gone, but there are remnant traces”.    The conclusion above was made based on the photographs on this website and not on first-hand observation in the field.
calicobasinmisc1-088 calicobasinmisc1-075 calicobasinmisc1-204 calicobasinmisc1-072
calicobasinmisc1-097 calicobasinmisc1-086 calicobasinmisc1-084 calicobasinmisc1-233
calicobasinmisc1-102  This large rock has what appears to be many enhanced or drilled holes in it.  It may have been used as a blunting or sharpening stone for wooden artifacts. calicobasinmisc1-104 calicobasinmisc1-241 calicobasinmisc1-110
calicobasinmisc1-113 calicobasinmisc1-234 calicobasinmisc1-237 calicobasinmisc1-170  The large boulders in this photo all contained fossilized plant or tree roots.
calicobasinmisc1-131 calicobasinmisc1-133 calicobasinmisc1-136 calicobasinmisc1-141
calicobasinmisc1-144 calicobasinmisc1-149 calicobasinmisc1-151 calicobasinmisc1-156
calicobasinmisc1-159 calicobasinmisc1-167 calicobasinmisc1-169 calicobasinmisc1-173
calicobasinmisc1-174 calicobasinmisc1-177 calicobasinmisc1-183 calicobasinmisc1-215  Prints of a large cat, possibly a mountain lion.  Three or four years ago mountain lion prints were seen not far from here in the Calico Basin.
calicobasinmisc1-221 calicobasinmisc1-213 calicobasinmisc1-218