Castle Mts 1

castlemts1-003  The Castle Mts are located in eastern San Bernardino County, California and are very close to the Nevada and California border.  This site appears to have been a habitat site as well as rock art site. castlemts1-005  There are lot of really bad photos in this sequence due to serve back lighting. castlemts1-007 castlemts1-010
castlemts1-013 castlemts1-016 castlemts1-011 castlemts1-018
castlemts1-020 castlemts1-135 castlemts1-136 castlemts1-139
castlemts1-024 castlemts1-050 castlemts1-098  We found several large metates at this site. castlemts1-114
castlemts1-131  Another metate. castlemts1-029  Someone had placed a mano on this one. castlemts1-133 castlemts1-028
castlemts1-031 castlemts1-034 castlemts1-051  The anthropomorph is about 30” high. castlemts1-053
castlemts1-054 castlemts1-057 castlemts1-060 castlemts1-061
castlemts1-064 castlemts1-066 castlemts1-068 castlemts1-069
castlemts1-071 castlemts1-073 castlemts1-077 castlemts1-079
castlemts1-080 castlemts1-082 castlemts1-086 castlemts1-087
castlemts1-089  Another metate. castlemts1-091 castlemts1-093 castlemts1-096
castlemts1-100  Another metate grinding slick. castlemts1-101 castlemts1-104 castlemts1-106
castlemts1-108 castlemts1-110 castlemts1-111  Another metate. castlemts1-116
castlemts1-117 castlemts1-035 castlemts1-119 castlemts1-129
castlemts1-039 castlemts1-121 castlemts1-040 castlemts1-044