Delamar Ghost Town Part 1

delamar 1896  This photo from 1896 shows the main part of Delamar. delamar overview  This overview map of the Delamar mining area gives you an idea of where we drove and hiked.  The waypoints will correspond with the “section numbers” and the applicable map.  For example waypoint “Del Ghost 001” will go with section 1.  On that group of photos you will see the cemetery and our GPS track as we looked around.  Waypoints 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 are in Part 1 and waypoints 4 and 5 are in Part 2 of this series. delamar section-1  Section 1:  Waypoint Del Ghost 001 Our first stop was at the cemetery.  There are several graves with headstones, but most are either unmarked, overgrown with brush, or have missing headstones.  There is a good chance that if you are cutting through the brush that you are walking over someone’s grave. delamarghosttown-004
delamarghosttown-005 delamarghosttown-008 delamarghosttown-009 delamarghosttown-011
delamarghosttown-014 delamarghosttown-015 delamarghosttown-017 delamarghosttown-020
delamarghosttown-022 delamarghosttown-023 delamarghosttown-026 delamarghosttown-028
delamarghosttown-029 delamarghosttown-032 delamarghosttown-034 delamarghosttown-036
delamarghosttown-038 delamarghosttown-039 delamarghosttown-042 delamarghosttown-044
delamarghosttown-046 delamarghosttown-048 delamarghosttown-051 delamarghosttown-053
delamarghosttown-055 delamarghosttown-056 delamarghosttown-059 delamarghosttown-061
delamarghosttown-062 delamarghosttown-064 delamarghosttown-069 delamarghosttown-071
delamarghosttown-075 delamarghosttown-079 delamarghosttown-081 delamarghosttown-084
delamarghosttown-089 delamarghosttown-091 delamar section-2  Section 2:  Waypoint Del Ghost 002 This spot consist of this single stone structure and a few overview photos taken from the road towards the south. delamarghosttown-097
delamarghosttown-100 delamarghosttown-102 delamarghosttown-104 delamarghosttown-105
delamarghosttown-108 delamarghosttown-110 delamarghosttown-112 delamarghosttown-113
delamarghosttown-115 delamarghosttown-117 delamarghosttown-119 delamarghosttown-120
delamarghosttown-121 delamarghosttown-124 delamarghosttown-126 delamarghosttown-128
delamarghosttown-130 delamarghosttown-134 delamarghosttown-137 delamarghosttown-138
delamar section-3  Section 3:  Waypoint Del Ghost 003 As you can see by the yellow track I only searched a small portion of this area.  Most of the foundations are yet to be seen and photographed.  This area is below the mine and above the refining area.  I am assuming that part of the foundations are residential, and the rest may be commercial. delamarghosttown-143  Remnants of glass, bottles, tin cans, ceramic plates and a whole lot of other stuff littered the ground just about everywhere you looked. delamarghosttown-145 delamarghosttown-146
delamarghosttown-153 delamarghosttown-155 delamarghosttown-156 delamarghosttown-159
delamarghosttown-161 delamarghosttown-163 delamarghosttown-167 delamarghosttown-168
delamarghosttown-170 delamarghosttown-175 delamarghosttown-177 delamarghosttown-179
delamarghosttown-181 delamarghosttown-182 delamarghosttown-184 delamarghosttown-186
delamarghosttown-190 delamarghosttown-191 delamarghosttown-194 delamarghosttown-198
delamarghosttown-202 delamarghosttown-204 delamarghosttown-206 delamar section-6  Section 6:  Waypoint Del Ghost 006  - Waypoint 004 and 005 are in Part 2. This section consist of several commercial buildings located along what I think is the main road in town.
delamarghosttown-642 delamarghosttown-644 delamarghosttown-646 delamarghosttown-648
delamarghosttown-651 delamarghosttown-653 delamarghosttown-655 delamarghosttown-658
delamarghosttown-660 delamarghosttown-662 delamarghosttown-664 delamarghosttown-665
delamarghosttown-666 delamarghosttown-668 delamarghosttown-670 delamarghosttown-672
delamarghosttown-674 delamarghosttown-676 delamarghosttown-681 delamarghosttown-682
delamarghosttown-685 delamarghosttown-687 delamarghosttown-689 delamarghosttown-690
delamarghosttown-692 delamarghosttown-694 delamarghosttown-696 delamarghosttown-699  The header over this old door is made from a rail for an old ore cart.
delamarghosttown-701 delamarghosttown-703 delamarghosttown-705 delamarghosttown-706
delamarghosttown-708 delamarghosttown-711  This is the ledge is where the second floor was located. delamarghosttown-712 delamarghosttown-714  Most of the graffiti that we saw was from the late 1980’s and the 1990’s.
delamarghosttown-716 delamarghosttown-718 delamarghosttown-720 delamarghosttown-724
delamarghosttown-727 delamarghosttown-731 delamarghosttown-733 delamarghosttown-734
delamarghosttown-736 delamarghosttown-738 delamarghosttown-741 delamarghosttown-743
delamarghosttown-744 delamarghosttown-747 delamarghosttown-748 delamarghosttown-750
delamarghosttown-753 delamarghosttown-755 delamarghosttown-757 delamarghosttown-758
delamarghosttown-760 delamarghosttown-763 delamarghosttown-764 delamarghosttown-767
delamarghosttown-768 delamarghosttown-770 delamarghosttown-773  We saw several old safes in our trek around the town. delamarghosttown-774
delamarghosttown-777 delamarghosttown-783 delamar section-7  Section 7:  Waypoint Del Ghost 007 This section consists of several commercial buildings and is located prior to going to the ore processing area. delamarghosttown-788
delamarghosttown-789 delamarghosttown-791 delamarghosttown-794 delamarghosttown-796
delamarghosttown-797 delamarghosttown-799 delamarghosttown-802 delamarghosttown-803
delamarghosttown-806 delamarghosttown-808 delamarghosttown-810 delamarghosttown-812
delamarghosttown-814 delamarghosttown-819 delamarghosttown-821 delamarghosttown-823
delamarghosttown-824 delamarghosttown-826 delamar section-8  Section 8:  Waypoint Del Ghost 008 I believe this area would be called the “ore processing” area. delamarghosttown-830
delamarghosttown-832 delamarghosttown-836 delamarghosttown-839 delamarghosttown-841
delamarghosttown-843 delamarghosttown-845 delamarghosttown-846 delamarghosttown-849
delamarghosttown-851 delamarghosttown-853 delamarghosttown-859 delamarghosttown-861
delamarghosttown-862 delamarghosttown-864 delamarghosttown-866 delamarghosttown-868
delamarghosttown-870 delamarghosttown-872 delamarghosttown-874 delamarghosttown-876
delamarghosttown-880 delamarghosttown-882 delamarghosttown-884 delamarghosttown-887
delamarghosttown-888 delamarghosttown-890 delamarghosttown-894 delamarghosttown-896
delamarghosttown-900 delamarghosttown-902 delamarghosttown-904 delamarghosttown-907
delamarghosttown-909 delamarghosttown-911 delamarghosttown-916 delamarghosttown-922
delamarghosttown-923 delamarghosttown-929 delamarghosttown-931 delamarghosttown-932
delamarghosttown-936 delamarghosttown-940 delamarghosttown-942 delamarghosttown-944