Desert National Wildlife Range 17

dnwr17-047  Desert National Wildlife Range 17 consists of three sites.  One very nice pictograph site, another small pictograph site, and a possible scratch glyph site. dnwr17-049  The ceiling of this shelter has multiple pictographs.  Each photograph is followed by an enhanced photo using D-Stretch. dnwr17-049d dnwr17-053
dnwr17-053d dnwr17-057 dnwr17-057d dnwr17-059
dnwr17-059d dnwr17-060 dnwr17-060d dnwr17-063
dnwr17-063d dnwr17-066 dnwr17-066d dnwr17-069
dnwr17-069d dnwr17-074 dnwr17-074d dnwr17-075
dnwr17-075d dnwr17-081 dnwr17-081d dnwr17-083
dnwr17-083d dnwr17-086 dnwr17-086d dnwr17-091  Possible tool.
dnwr17-088  Possible habitat area next to the main shelter. dnwr17-029  Site 2 dnwr17-040 dnwr17-033
dnwr17-035 dnwr17-031 dnwr17-031d dnwr17-037
dnwr17-042 dnwr17-043 dnwr17-043d dnwr17-003  Site 3: This site is not your typical rock art site.  I am not sure if the marks are "scratch glyphs" vs. graffiti; what I am sure of is that it's not natural and it is not your typical graffiti, e.g. "George loves Karen 1992".
dnwr17-005 dnwr17-008 dnwr17-009 dnwr17-011