Eightmile 11

eightmile11-003  This site is sometimes referred to as the “Big Eyes” site because of the Pahranagat Man located here.  There are several shelter areas as well as bedrock metates.  A lot of the rock art at this site is very difficult to see. eightmile11-005 eightmile11-007 eightmile11-009
eightmile11-011 eightmile11-013  A large sheep – upper center – and smaller sheep below. eightmile11-015 eightmile11-017
eightmile11-020 eightmile11-022 eightmile11-023  A habitat area, with rock ring and or cooking area. eightmile11-025
eightmile11-078 eightmile11-027 eightmile11-029 eightmile11-032
eightmile11-033 eightmile11-036 eightmile11-038 eightmile11-040  Another grinding slick.
eightmile11-042 eightmile11-043 eightmile11-046 eightmile11-048
eightmile11-050 eightmile11-051 eightmile11-054 eightmile11-055
eightmile11-058 eightmile11-060 eightmile11-061 eightmile11-064
eightmile11-065 eightmile11-068 eightmile11-075  Possible mortar. eightmile11-070
eightmile11-072 eightmile11-073 eightmile11-080  More grinding slicks. eightmile11-081