Empire Wash

empirewash1-023  This is a typical view of the wash for the next mile or so then it opens up before reaching the Colorado River. empirewash1-180  This is the first petroglyph site we came across not far from the entrance of the canyon. empirewash1-006 empirewash1-008
empirewash1-009 empirewash1-012 empirewash1-014 empirewash1-016
empirewash1-018 empirewash1-177 empirewash1-037  There are several mines in the area, but a little test shaft (for the lack of knowing what to call it) goes straight in for about 10’.  I was hoping for a rattlesnake or a tarantula or two, but no such luck. empirewash1-027
empirewash1-153 empirewash1-147 empirewash1-034 empirewash1-139
empirewash1-141 empirewash1-151 empirewash1-041  Petroglyph site #2 is located on a small rise not far from the road. empirewash1-045
empirewash1-079 empirewash1-047 empirewash1-049 empirewash1-077
empirewash1-053 empirewash1-055 empirewash1-060  Rock ring and possible milling site. empirewash1-058
empirewash1-071 empirewash1-066  Metate and grinding slick. empirewash1-062 empirewash1-064
empirewash1-073  Partial rock ring. empirewash1-074 empirewash1-101  Rock ring / habitat area. empirewash1-094
empirewash1-097  Another rock ring or storage area adjoining the main ring. empirewash1-098 empirewash1-103 empirewash1-104  Rock ring.
empirewash1-106  Possible tool. empirewash1-109 empirewash1-111  Cairn probably associated with mining in the area. empirewash1-113
empirewash1-116 empirewash1-118 empirewash1-121  I call this a “rock ring with backrest”. empirewash1-119
empirewash1-123  Possible grinding slick. empirewash1-126 empirewash1-130  Isolated petroglyph.  Possible Atlatl with shield.  Very old, and very cool. empirewash1-132
empirewash1-133 empirewash1-183  There are several cairns in the area probably associated with a mining claim. empirewash1-186  There were several of these rock-lined cleared areas that may have been used for directing or controlling water flow.  I am guessing that these, along with the cairns, are historic. empirewash1-187
empirewash1-190 empirewash1-192  Another mining cairn. empirewash1-198  Possible rock ring. empirewash1-247  This habitat site was very near the cairns that we assumed were boundary markers for a mining claim.
empirewash1-257 empirewash1-241  I was shooting directly into the sun (my excuse for bad pictures) but in the foreground you can see two small rock rings.  The one to the left was probably a cooking pit and the other half-ring would have supported the base of the poles to make a lean-to against the boulder for shelter. empirewash1-201 empirewash1-205  The lean-to would have been built against the face of the boulder.
empirewash1-237 empirewash1-207  Possible cooking area. empirewash1-209  Rock ring / living area. empirewash1-204  Partial metate.
empirewash1-212  On the backside of the boulder is another habitat area with a rock ring. empirewash1-214 empirewash1-216 empirewash1-218  Just above the shelter opening is a ledge, and on the ledge are three small sticks.  I am assuming that the three sticks are a recent addition, but this type of thing can be seen in a “shaman’s” cave or shelter.  The sticks would be “prayer or spirit” sticks and are still in use by people embracing the old ways.
empirewash1-219 empirewash1-221 empirewash1-223 empirewash1-225  Grinding slick.
empirewash1-228 empirewash1-232 empirewash1-234 empirewash1-245
empirewash1-256  Another group of rock rings. empirewash1-252 empirewash1-253 empirewash1-261
empirewash1-263  Just beyond this rock alignment were several more “mining” cairns. empirewash1-266 empirewash1-267 empirewash1-270
empirewash1-271 empirewash1-275 empirewash1-277 empirewash1-278  This was the last mining cairn that we located at this site.