Frenchman Mts

frenchmanmts1-001  The “Needle” is listed on all topo maps. frenchmanmts1-004 frenchmanmts1-008  The possible scratch glyphs are located near the needle, but we never found the rock art panel that we were looking for. frenchmanmts1-012
frenchmanmts1-014 frenchmanmts1-016 frenchmanmts1-028  A really nice shelter with a great view of the Las Vegas skyline.  The shelter contained a partial metate, a mano, and a sharpen wooden stick. frenchmanmts1-058
frenchmanmts1-039 frenchmanmts1-034 frenchmanmts1-036 frenchmanmts1-031  A metate.
frenchmanmts1-033 frenchmanmts1-040  A mano, used for grinding on the metate or grinding slick. frenchmanmts1-042 frenchmanmts1-045
frenchmanmts1-049  The end of the stone on the left has been worked.  It was probably used as a chopper. frenchmanmts1-050  The top end of this stick has been sharpened to a point.  The lower half may have also been shaped. frenchmanmts1-052 frenchmanmts1-060  Another possible grinding slick.