Halloran Summit 2

halloransummit2-004  This Halloran Summit site is a small well-known site just off of the I-15 freeway north of Baker California.  The directions to this site and many others in Southern California are available in books from Bill Mann (Mojave River Valley Museum) and Death Valley Jim collections (Death Valley Jim’s website). halloransummit2-036 halloransummit2-017 halloransummit2-011
halloransummit2-016 halloransummit2-020 halloransummit2-022 halloransummit2-024
halloransummit2-026 halloransummit2-028 halloransummit2-030 halloransummit2-032
halloransummit2-034 halloransummit2-037 halloransummit2-040 halloransummit2-005
halloransummit2-008 halloransummit2-009 halloransummit2-042 halloransummit2-044
halloransummit2-046 halloransummit2-047 halloransummit2-049 halloransummit2-051
halloransummit2-053 halloransummit2-055 halloransummit2-058 halloransummit2-060
halloransummit2-061 halloransummit2-064 halloransummit2-066 halloransummit2-067  On the ridge above the rock art there are several rock rings.  These rings may have been the living areas for people staying in the area, or just passing through.
halloransummit2-071  Depending on your perspective this “V” shaped alignment is either pointing to something on the other side of the freeway or (next photo) a peak on the ridgeline in the distance. halloransummit2-074 halloransummit2-073 halloransummit2-077  A possible hunting blind.
halloransummit2-078 halloransummit2-080 halloransummit2-082 halloransummit2-085
halloransummit2-086 halloransummit2-088 halloransummit2-091 halloransummit2-111
halloransummit2-099 halloransummit2-101 halloransummit2-102 halloransummit2-104
halloransummit2-106 halloransummit2-109 halloransummit2-114 halloransummit2-115
halloransummit2-120 halloransummit2-135 halloransummit2-122 halloransummit2-125
halloransummit2-128 halloransummit2-129 halloransummit2-132 halloransummit2-133