Halloran Summit 3

halloransummit3a-1-004  Site 1:  This site in the Halloran Summit series consists of 4 small sites. halloransummit3a-1-006 halloransummit3a-1-007 halloransummit3a-1-009
halloransummit3a-1-012 halloransummit3a-1-017 halloransummit3a-1-014 halloransummit3a-1-015  This possible rock ring has an inner and outer ring.  If this is a rock ring the inner one may be a fire pit.  It is also very possible that this was part of a structure and the rocks on the ground may be the remnants of the walls.  This site is located near the base of the rocks containing the petroglyphs.
halloransummit3a-1-022 halloransummit3a-1-023 halloransummit3a-1-026 halloransummit3a-1-028
halloransummit3a-1-033  Possible rock ring / habitat. halloransummit3a-1-033b halloransummit3a-2-004  Site 2:  This is a very cool site especially the “musical notes” glyphs. halloransummit3a-2-008
halloransummit3a-2-012 halloransummit3a-2-010 halloransummit3a-2-022  The “musical notes”. halloransummit3a-2-013
halloransummit3a-2-016 halloransummit3a-2-018 halloransummit3a-2-020 halloransummit3a-2-003
halloransummit3a-2-024 halloransummit3a-3-004  Site 3: halloransummit3a-3-008 halloransummit3a-4-004  Site 4:  The petroglyphs at this site were located in the crack between the rocks.  Directly in front of this rock – in the foreground of this photo - is a habitat area.
halloransummit3a-4-029  The habitat ring. halloransummit3a-4-007  The crack. halloransummit3a-4-007b  The arrows point to 3 of the petroglyphs. halloransummit3a-4-017
halloransummit3a-4-027 halloransummit3a-4-019 halloransummit3a-4-020 halloransummit3a-4-026
halloransummit3a-4-041  In this photo are two more possible habitats.  The remaining glyphs at this site are along the face of the rock and not in the crack. halloransummit3a-4-009 halloransummit3a-4-012 halloransummit3a-4-034
halloransummit3a-4-036 halloransummit3a-4-037 halloransummit3a-4-042 halloransummit3a-4-047