Hanging Mesa

hangingmesa1-004  This site is high in the mountains, in an out of the way spot which makes me believe that people traveled here for a particular reason.  Those reasons may have included ceremonial, but were more than likely were for hunting and gathering. hangingmesa1-006 hangingmesa1-052 hangingmesa1-007  This is a small site with most of the rock art we saw being on basalt boulders.  The petroglyphs were either scratched or pecked into the rock.  From what I have been able to ascertain the glyphs at Hanging Mesa are Great Basin Abstract style, with a Representational style sheep glyph thrown in for good luck, and probably go back about 2000 or more years.  The Scratch glyphs were made at a later date and were possibly made by the Shoshone who scratched them over the earlier pecked glyphs.
hangingmesa1-016 hangingmesa1-010 hangingmesa1-018 hangingmesa1-026
hangingmesa1-020 hangingmesa1-024 hangingmesa1-022 hangingmesa1-028
hangingmesa1-029 hangingmesa1-031 hangingmesa1-033 hangingmesa1-035
hangingmesa1-039 hangingmesa1-039b hangingmesa1-041 hangingmesa1-044
hangingmesa1-045 hangingmesa1-046 hangingmesa1-047 hangingmesa1-050
hangingmesa1-053 hangingmesa1-056 hangingmesa1-058 hangingmesa1-059
hangingmesa1-062 hangingmesa1-063 hangingmesa1-066 hangingmesa1-068  We saw two possible grinding slicks and this one may have been a metate.
hangingmesa1-069 hangingmesa1-071 hangingmesa1-074 hangingmesa1-077  All three “styles” are on this boulder.
hangingmesa1-082 hangingmesa1-086 hangingmesa1-088 hangingmesa1-090
hangingmesa1-095 hangingmesa1-097 hangingmesa1-098  Another grinding slick. hangingmesa1-100
hangingmesa1-103 hangingmesa1-104 hangingmesa1-106 hangingmesa1-108
hangingmesa1-110 hangingmesa1-112 hangingmesa1-113 hangingmesa1-115
hangingmesa1-120 hangingmesa1-117 hangingmesa1-118