Hells Half Acre 1

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hellshalfacre1-164 hellshalfacre1-165 hellshalfacre1-169 hellshalfacre1-171
hellshalfacre1-176 hellshalfacre1-189 hellshalfacre1-190 hellshalfacre1-178
hellshalfacre1-181 hellshalfacre1-183 alamodeadanimals-01  I am adding these last photos even though they don’t have a thing to do with rock art.  On the way into the site we took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of a bunch of animal carcasses.  There were at least six to ten cows, two horses, and two possible pigs.  The hides were rock hard and most of the bones were bleached white, and I am assuming that predators gutted them.  The mystery for me is how did they get here.  I am not sure what the “animal disposal” laws are in Nevada, but I have been told that many time ranchers will just drag the dead animals off to the north-forty and let nature take its course.  This seems like a lot of animals in a short period of time.  We have all seen dead animals in the desert, but this seemed a bit extreme. alamodeadanimals-03
alamodeadanimals-02 alamodeadanimals-04 alamodeadanimals-06 alamodeadanimals-08
alamodeadanimals-10 alamodeadanimals-11 alamodeadanimals-21 alamodeadanimals-24
alamodeadanimals-26 alamodeadanimals-27