Highland Range 10

highlandrange10-004  Site 1:  This site is actually made up of two small sites both of which are located adjacent to the wash road and are visible from the road.  The rock art at both sites is very worn and very difficult to see.    From what I have been able to ascertain, either the Paiute, Mojave, or the Chemehuevi probably created the rock art at these sites and other sites in the area. highlandrange10-006 highlandrange10-008 highlandrange10-010
highlandrange10-011 highlandrange10-013 highlandrange10-015 highlandrange10-017
highlandrange10-020 highlandrange10-021  The arrows point to the petroglyphs. highlandrange10-023 highlandrange10-026
highlandrange10-028 highlandrange10-029 highlandrange10-032 highlandrange10-035
highlandrange10-037 highlandrange10-038 highlandrange10-040 highlandrange10-042
highlandrange10-045 highlandrange10-046 highlandrange10-049 highlandrange10-050
highlandrange10-052 highlandrange10-055 highlandrange10-057 highlandrange10-059
highlandrange10-071  Site 2: highlandrange10-061 highlandrange10-063 highlandrange10-065
highlandrange10-067 highlandrange10-069 highlandrange10-089  The arrow points to the center of a small rock ring. highlandrange10-074  After leaving the last site we came across this rock wall that we assume is historic.
highlandrange10-079 highlandrange10-081 highlandrange10-077 highlandrange10-083
highlandrange10-085  …. and a couple of old bones. highlandrange10-086