Highland Range 11

highlandrange11-003  Some people interpret this type of glyph as directional.  The circles are eyes and if you follow the direction the “eyes” are looking you will see something.  Others interpret the circles as “places of water” such as a tinaja.  In this case if you follow the direction the eyes are looking there is a small tinaja.  That’s kind of cool. highlandrange11-006 highlandrange11-008 highlandrange11-013  A tinaja.
highlandrange11-016 highlandrange11-018  Habitat 1: A small habitat area complete with a metate. highlandrange11-022  Metate. highlandrange11-025
highlandrange11-029  Habitat 2: This habitat has two rock rings or pit areas next to it. highlandrange11-031  Rock rings or pits. highlandrange11-032  This ring has a center stone. highlandrange11-036