Highland Range 13

highlandrange13b-010  Highland Range 13 consists of shelters, metates, and a rock ring.  Shelter 1. highlandrange13b-011 highlandrange13b-013  The probable living space was along this side of the boulder. highlandrange13b-017  Metate.
highlandrange13b-020 highlandrange13a-003  Another metate. highlandrange13a-006 highlandrange13c-033  The arrow points to the center of the rock ring.
highlandrange13c-035 highlandrange13c-038 highlandrange13c-024  Another metate / grinding area. highlandrange13c-028
highlandrange13d-042  Shelter 2: This shelter shows signs of habitation and comes with a metate / mortar. highlandrange13d-078 highlandrange13d-063 highlandrange13d-058  The arrow points to the grinding area.
highlandrange13d-046 highlandrange13d-049 highlandrange13d-050 highlandrange13d-054
highlandrange13d-056 highlandrange13d-065 highlandrange13d-070 highlandrange13d-072  The fire blackening extends from the small alcove in the rear, which may have been used as an oven, to the ceiling in the main part of the shelter.
highlandrange13d-074 highlandrange13d-077  The fire blackening is visible behind the midden.