Indian Basin 2

indianbasin2-081  Along the edge of this rock outcrop are two small habitats. indianbasin2-084  A ring or possible fire pit. indianbasin2-085  The three large rocks at the base of the wall were possibly used to support poles for a lean-to shelter. indianbasin2-087  Along this edge there was evidence of a habitat including a fire pit or cooking area.
indianbasin2-089  A fire pit or cooking area. indianbasin2-004  A small stone house. indianbasin2-021 indianbasin2-014
indianbasin2-016 indianbasin2-017 indianbasin2-019 indianbasin2-009
indianbasin2-012 indianbasin2-024 indianbasin2-026 indianbasin2-031  A small stone wall.  This site is a short distance from the other structure.
indianbasin2-033 indianbasin2-035 indianbasin2-037 indianbasin2-039
indianbasin2-042 indianbasin2-046 indianbasin2-052 indianbasin2-048
indianbasin2-075  This structure was different from the first one we saw.  It has a “double wall” as can be seen in this photo. indianbasin2-078 indianbasin2-092  There were a lot of old animal bones scattered about. indianbasin2-093
indianbasin2-095 indianbasin2-098 indianbasin2-099 indianbasin2-102
indianbasin2-108 indianbasin2-109 indianbasin2-106  A possible rock ring. indianbasin2-103
indianbasin2-114  This apparently marked a spring or seep. indianbasin2-118 indianbasin2-120  You could hear water running through the coupling. indianbasin2-121
indianbasin2-053  The corral was a short distance from the spring in the last photos. indianbasin2-055 indianbasin2-057 indianbasin2-059
indianbasin2-061 indianbasin2-063 indianbasin2-065 indianbasin2-067