Kane Springs Valley 13

kanesprings13-001  Kane Springs Valley 13 stretches over a distance of about a quarter mile, and consist of several shelters, bedrock grinding slicks, and a very small petroglyph site. kanesprings13-005 kanesprings13-009  The first site that we came across was located near the beginning of the canyon and consisted of several grinding slicks. kanesprings13-010
kanesprings13-013 kanesprings13-019 kanesprings13-036  The slick in the previous photo the photo is out of frame on the left.  The monolith in the center is situated so that it has seasonal water flowing around both sides and has a grinding slick on the lower part facing the camera. kanesprings13-034
kanesprings13-033b  The arrow points to the slick. kanesprings13-021 kanesprings13-023 kanesprings13-025
kanesprings13-029  At certain times of the year this slick had a great water view. kanesprings13-030 kanesprings13-039  This site is a short distance from the first one and has 3 slicks plus one possible slick on top this large boulder. kanesprings13-043
kanesprings13-044  This narrow area may or may not be a grinding area of some sort. kanesprings13-047 kanesprings13-050b  The arrows point to the slicks kanesprings13-050
kanesprings13-052 kanesprings13-080  There are 2 shelters directly above the slicks in the previous photo.  The shelter on the left is the main shelter. kanesprings13-056  This shelter has signs of use. kanesprings13-061
kanesprings13-063  There were no visible artifacts or flakes on the floor, but there was fire blackening in one corner and vent in the ceiling.  Also with a little imagination there is an interesting feature in the shelter.  See next photo. kanesprings13-069  Now if this was a shaman’s shelter imagine looking up and seeing a face in the rock.  Don’t see it check next photo. kanesprings13-069b  There are eyes, nose, and a grumpy mouth.  It looks a little like “Jabba the Hutt” from Star Wars. kanesprings13-064
kanesprings13-067  In the same shelter there is some fire blackening on the ceiling. kanesprings13-070 kanesprings13-079 kanesprings13-074
kanesprings13-170  More shelters. kanesprings13-095  This next shelter also has evidence of habitation.  There is fire blackening in two places in the rear of the shelter. kanesprings13-120 kanesprings13-098
kanesprings13-099 kanesprings13-103  You can see some of the blackening in the upper right of this photo. kanesprings13-106  The small area in the rear of the shelter was possibly used as an oven. kanesprings13-111
kanesprings13-112 kanesprings13-114 kanesprings13-172  The shelter on its far left is the main shelter. kanesprings13-161  This shelter has evidence of being lived in, including fire blackening, but also includes a small rock art panel near the entrance.
kanesprings13-141 kanesprings13-124b  The arrow points to the rock art. kanesprings13-160  This is the view from the shelter.  The left arrow points to the rock art panel and the right one points to the grinding slick which at one time was probably on the ledge next to the rock art (next photo). kanesprings13-138  Directly below the rock art panel is a grinding slick lying on the ground.
kanesprings13-140 kanesprings13-164 kanesprings13-164b  The arrow is pointing to the small petroglyph panel.  The rock art is about 15’ from the entrance to the shelter. kanesprings13-166
kanesprings13-126 kanesprings13-127 kanesprings13-129 kanesprings13-135
kanesprings13-134 kanesprings13-132 kanesprings13-158  Inside the shelter.  I really thought we would find pictographs in here. kanesprings13-156
kanesprings13-144 kanesprings13-151  Another alcove in the rear of the shelter, which may have been used as an oven. kanesprings13-168  A view down the wash, back towards where we parked. kanesprings13-173  The “Dogs Head” rock which is about 15’ high should have been significant in some way, and maybe it was and I just missed the obvious.  I checked all around it and across the wash where it seem to be looking.  Directly across the wash from the “head” were two small shelters, but they did not reveal anything to me.  Maybe what I was looking for was buried under the silt.  Either I missed the big discovery, or this natural formation was just a formation and nobody cared.
kanesprings13-176 kanesprings13-180 kanesprings13-183 kanesprings13-189  This was up above the wash and about 300 yards from the parking area.  My guess was a grave, but I’m not sure.  It is about 2’ wide by 4’ long.  It is definitely something, I’m just not sure what.
kanesprings13-193 kanesprings13-213  The next site that we stumbled across was high up on a ridge, near this rock outcropping and may have been a habitat that was used many times over the years.  I say that because we found about a half dozen partial grinding slicks.  It may have also been a used just once, but for a long period of time. kanesprings13-207  Partial grinding slicks. kanesprings13-205
kanesprings13-201 kanesprings13-209  Another partial grinding slick. kanesprings13-211  And another partial grinding slick. kanesprings13-237
kanesprings13-230 kanesprings13-220 kanesprings13-221 kanesprings13-217  And another partial grinding slick.
kanesprings13-224 kanesprings13-226 kanesprings13-240 kanesprings13-241  This was the only photo I got of this critter because as soon as I got out of the jeep he was gone.
kanesprings13-243  Another group of locals. kanesprings13-251