Kelbaker Road 2 - Shaman's Cave - Pt 1

kelbakerroad2-005  The information to reach this site was taken from Bill Mann’s book “Guide to 50 Interesting and Mysterious Sites in the Mojave” Volume 2.  Mann’s books combined with the Death Valley Jim’s series of books are a great way to access location information on some of California’s prehistoric and historic sites.  This type of information is not readily available to most of us, and I wish that I had a source like this for Nevada when I was first starting out.  This is the end of the road and the parking area for the site. kelbakerroad2-010  The next couple of photos are an overview of the area. kelbakerroad2-007 kelbakerroad2-004  The shelter is located up the hill at the base of the basalt cliffs.
kelbakerroad2-011 kelbakerroad2-013  Shaman’s Cave / Shelter. kelbakerroad2-015 kelbakerroad2-022
kelbakerroad2-020 kelbakerroad2-024 kelbakerroad2-027  I was not smart enough when I was in the shelter take a “compass reading” on the possible alignment, but the one arm roughly points in a southwesterly direction out of the shelter (see next photo). At the intersection of the two arms (see next photo) there is an area that might have been a fire pit or something similar. kelbakerroad2-027b  The lines show the possible directional arms and the arrow points to the center, which could be just about anything.  Unless this is a modern structure – which I don’t think it is - it is probably ceremonial.
kelbakerroad2-029 kelbakerroad2-065 kelbakerroad2-066 kelbakerroad2-030  All of the petroglyphs shown here were on the rock face next to the entrance to the shelter.
kelbakerroad2-033 kelbakerroad2-049 kelbakerroad2-046 kelbakerroad2-035
kelbakerroad2-042 kelbakerroad2-037 kelbakerroad2-038 kelbakerroad2-040
kelbakerroad2-045 kelbakerroad2-057 kelbakerroad2-053 kelbakerroad2-059
kelbakerroad2-060 kelbakerroad2-063 kelbakerroad2-072  The view towards the hill across from the shelter.  This is pretty much what a shaman would have seen while sitting in the shelter / Cave. kelbakerroad2-075
kelbakerroad2-079  On the hill above the shelter was this cleared area in the basalt.  This would have been cleared by hand, not by nature.  It is a possible living area, or a lookout or sentry post, or maybe a blind. kelbakerroad2-081 kelbakerroad2-084