Kelbaker Road 2 - Shaman's Cave - Pt 2

kelbakerroad2a-015  There are supposedly more petroglyphs somewhere along the wash near the Shaman Cave site.  I never found the rock art, but I did find a couple of grinding slicks, possible rock rings, and a mine. kelbakerroad2a-004  This slick is not clearly visible in this photo, hence the arrow. kelbakerroad2a-006 kelbakerroad2a-013  These slicks were just above wash level.
kelbakerroad2a-008 kelbakerroad2a-019  With the amount of mining that went on in this area it is very possible that this ring, or possibly a hunting blind, is historic vs. really old.  We did not see any modern signs of habitation and without disturbing the surface – which we did not – there was no tell tale evidence of age. kelbakerroad2a-023 kelbakerroad2a-024  The ring / whatever is approximately 5’ across.
kelbakerroad2a-028  This ring / rock arrangement is a little different from the normal ones that we see.  It’s oval with rocks filling in the center, and is about 6’ long.  It almost resembles a burial.  See photo 11 / 30. kelbakerroad2a-032 kelbakerroad2a-034 kelbakerroad2a-082  When traveling to Shaman’s Cave the remnants of an old stone cabin and mine are clearly visible from the road.  The mine (prospect) is located directly behind the cabin and is only about 15’ deep.  Prospect: Definition taken from Wikipedia Various techniques are used in the search for a mineral deposit, an activity called prospecting.  Once a discovery has been made, the property containing a deposit, called the prospect, is explored to determine some of the more important characteristics of the deposit. Among these are its size, shape, orientation in space, and location with respect to the surface, as well as the mineral quality...
kelbakerroad2a-042 kelbakerroad2a-079 kelbakerroad2a-052 kelbakerroad2a-053
kelbakerroad2a-055 kelbakerroad2a-059 kelbakerroad2a-078 kelbakerroad2a-063  A burned area is clearly visible at the rear of the shaft.
kelbakerroad2a-067 kelbakerroad2a-069 kelbakerroad2a-072  This is looking out of the mine at the wall of the cabin. kelbakerroad2a-074
kelbakerroad2a-076 kelbakerroad2a-083  The only debris that I noticed was a few cans and a couple of bones. kelbakerroad2a-044 kelbakerroad2a-050
kelbakerroad2a-035 kelbakerroad2a-037