Knob Hill 1 aka The Phone Booth

knobhill1-051  An overview of the area. knobhill2-084b  The Phone Booth.  Photos 5 through 40 are natural light and 41 through the end were taken on a subsequent trip using a fill flash on the camera.  Both groups of photos are nearly identical and are divided into pairs.  The first photo is without the enhancement and the second of each pair is enhanced. knobhill2-084 knobhill2-084a
knobhill1-004 knobhill1-004 lab knobhill1-005 knobhill1-005 lab
knobhill1-009 knobhill1-009 lab knobhill1-012 knobhill1-012 lab
knobhill1-016 knobhill1-016 lab knobhill1-018 knobhill1-018 lab
knobhill1-020 knobhill1-020 lab knobhill1-022 knobhill1-022 lab
knobhill1-025 knobhill1-025 lab knobhill1-031 knobhill1-031 lab
knobhill1-035 knobhill1-035 lab knobhill1-064 knobhill1-064 lab
knobhill1-065 knobhill1-065 lab knobhill1-066 knobhill1-066 lab
knobhill1-067 knobhill1-067 lab knobhill1-068 knobhill1-068 lab
knobhill1-069 knobhill1-069 lab knobhill1-070 knobhill1-070 lab
knobhill2-086  The photos in this group (41 through the end) were taken using a fill flash. knobhill2-086 lab knobhill2-088 knobhill2-088 lab
knobhill2-090 knobhill2-090 lab knobhill2-091 knobhill2-091 lab
knobhill2-096 knobhill2-096 lab knobhill2-099 knobhill2-099 lab
knobhill2-101 knobhill2-101 lab knobhill2-104 knobhill2-104 lab
knobhill2-107 knobhill2-107 lab knobhill2-109 knobhill2-109 lab
knobhill2-111 knobhill2-111 lab knobhill2-118 knobhill2-118 lab
knobhill2-119 knobhill2-119 lab knobhill2-126 knobhill2-126 lab
knobhill2-131 knobhill2-131 lab knobhill2-134 knobhill2-134 lab
knobhill2-151 knobhill2-151 lab