Knob Hill 2

knobhill2-013  Possible charcoal pictographs are located under the large boulders.  There is a good chance that they are historic, but you can never tell.  Both were enhanced using D-Stretch. knobhill2-016 knobhill2-016 lab knobhill2-019
knobhill2-019 lab knobhill2-004  A bedrock mortar with another long grooved area next to it. knobhill2-005 knobhill2-007  A bedrock mortar.
knobhill2-009 knobhill2-022  Now that’s a Porta Potty knobhill2-023 knobhill2-029  A shelter with several pictographs located on the vertical rock.
knobhill2-050 knobhill2-050 lab knobhill2-033 knobhill2-033 lab
knobhill2-040 knobhill2-040 lab knobhill2-044  A smear of pigment. knobhill2-044 lab
knobhill2-049  Possible dots that are better seen in the next photo. knobhill2-049 lab knobhill2-031  This is a beautiful bedrock metate. knobhill2-053
knobhill2-055  A pottery sherd that was lying close by the metate. knobhill2-056 knobhill2-058 knobhill2-061
knobhill2-070  Another shelter with a single pictograph in it. knobhill2-068 knobhill2-062 knobhill2-065
knobhill2-066 knobhill2-066 lab knobhill2-072 knobhill2-075
knobhill2-164  The next shelter also has a single pictograph in it. knobhill2-162 knobhill2-076 knobhill2-079
knobhill2-079 lab knobhill2-080 knobhill2-080 lab knobhill2-156  A possible grinding slick or metate.
knobhill2-158 knobhill2-167  Possible habitat area. knobhill2-160 knobhill2-171
knobhill2-174 knobhill2-178  A half ring. knobhill2-185  There are multiple possible shelters around this boulder. knobhill2-180
knobhill2-181 knobhill2-183 knobhill2-083  A large shelter under one edge of this large boulder knobhill2-191
knobhill2-192 knobhill2-194  Remnants of a possible fire ring. knobhill2-196 knobhill2-198
knobhill2-200  You can see fire blackening in the rear of the shelter. knobhill2-202 knobhill2-204 knobhill2-205
knobhill2-210  It’s obvious that this rock ring has been used recently and I am sure that it is historic, but without being able to dig through the site, you can never be 100% sure what you have. knobhill2-217 knobhill2-219