Knob Hill 3

knobhill1-051  This is an overview of the area near where we were searching for that “elusive” petroglyph site.  We didn’t find the petroglyphs, but we did locate several small pictograph sites. knobhill1-053 knobhill1-049 knobhill1-058  These were the only petroglyphs that we saw in the area.
knobhill1-054 knobhill1-056 knobhill3a-012  This was typical of the area that we were searching.  On top of this boulder, off to my right out of frame, is what appears to be a large carved-out area that may be a bedrock metate or grinding slick. knobhill3a-004  The shape does not appear to be natural so I am assuming it was man-made (or more correctly woman-made) grinding area.
knobhill3a-006 knobhill3a-007 knobhill3a-028  I left this photo and the next one in the gallery even though it is historic because it is a beautiful spot for a camp.  One of the things that I tell people is to put yourself into the picture.  If this were a thousand years ago, would you camp here?  In this case the answer is yes; this is a modern day campsite and was probably a habitat site on and off for the last millennium.  They thought it was a great spot and so do we. knobhill3a-029
knobhill3a-014  This small shelter had several pictographs in it.  Each pictograph photo will be followed by an enhanced version of the same photo. knobhill1-039 knobhill3a-016 knobhill3a-016 lab
knobhill3a-018 knobhill3a-018 lab knobhill3a-020 knobhill3a-020 lab
knobhill3a-022 knobhill3a-022 lab knobhill3a-040  This is a small habitat site along the base of a very large boulder.  It probably consisted of a “lean-to” type of shelter. knobhill3a-034
knobhill3a-036 knobhill3a-037 knobhill3a-048  This may be a natural formation on this boulder, but it was too intriguing not to photograph. knobhill3a-050
knobhill3a-046  Under this one boulder are two separate areas.  Under the front part is what appears to be a habitat area complete with a beautiful metate in a large stone.  Around the right side is another shelter with a metate at the entrance and some very nice pictographs on the ceiling and back wall of the shelter. knobhill3a-051 knobhill3a-053 knobhill3a-067  The metate or grinding area is on the stone at the center of the photograph.
knobhill3a-072 knobhill3a-061 knobhill3a-062 knobhill3a-064
knobhill3a-066  A possible cooking area is in the rear of the shelter – note fire blackening on the ceiling. knobhill3a-069  Looking across the top of the metate stone towards the opposite side of the shelter. knobhill3a-143  The shelter in the center of the picture has pictographs in it plus a beautiful metate at the entrance. knobhill3a-145
knobhill3a-073 knobhill3a-147  The metate is in the foreground and a couple of the pictographs can be seen on the rear wall of the shelter. knobhill3a-082 knobhill3a-076  This is a beautiful metate.
knobhill3a-077 knobhill3a-079  My glove is 9” for comparison. knobhill3a-129 knobhill1-071  All of the photos of the pictographs are in pairs.  The first one is unaltered and the second one is enhanced using D-Stretch.  There will be many duplicate photos and that was done to ensure complete coverage of the interior of the shelter.
knobhill1-071 lab knobhill3a-096 knobhill3a-096 ybk knobhill3a-112
knobhill3a-112 ybk knobhill1-077 knobhill1-077 lab knobhill1-080
knobhill1-080 lab knobhill1-082 knobhill1-082 lab knobhill1-083
knobhill1-083 lab knobhill1-085 knobhill1-085 lab knobhill3a-084
knobhill3a-084 ybk knobhill3a-086 knobhill3a-086 ybk knobhill3a-088
knobhill3a-088 ybk knobhill3a-089 knobhill3a-089 ybk knobhill3a-092
knobhill3a-092 ybk knobhill3a-098 knobhill3a-098 ybk knobhill3a-104
knobhill3a-104 lab knobhill3a-099 knobhill3a-099 lab knobhill3a-101
knobhill3a-101 lab knobhill3a-106 knobhill3a-106 lab knobhill3a-109
knobhill3a-109 ybk knobhill3a-110 knobhill3a-110 ybk knobhill3a-114
knobhill3a-114 lab knobhill3a-116 knobhill3a-116 lab knobhill3a-121
knobhill3a-121 lab knobhill3a-123 knobhill3a-123 lab knobhill3a-125
knobhill3a-125 ybk knobhill3a-131 knobhill3a-131 lab knobhill3a-132
knobhill3a-132 lab knobhill3a-133 knobhill3a-133 lab knobhill3a-137
knobhill3a-137 lab knobhill3a-142 knobhill3a-142 ybk knobhill1-063
knobhill1-063 lab