Knob Hill 4

knobhill4-004  A general overview of the area. knobhill4-009  A possible petroglyph. knobhill4-007 knobhill4-017
knobhill4-020  On the face of this rock there appears to be two rows of cupules and each row is linked by a groove running from top to bottom.  The “grooves” may be natural and were incorporated into the cupules, which are man-made. knobhill4-025 knobhill4-023 knobhill4-026
knobhill4-054 knobhill4-033  In this area we found several rock groups or alignments.  The main group is made up of four large rocks with a general east-west, north-south alignment.  Nearby are other small groups or piles of rocks (next couple of slides). knobhill4-035 knobhill4-039
knobhill4-043 knobhill4-040 knobhill4-044 knobhill4-046
knobhill4-049 knobhill4-059  Possible shelter. knobhill4-062 knobhill4-072  Another group of large rocks placed around a naturally-occurring stone outcropping.  This is very cool and for me it says “ceremonial site”.
knobhill4-067 knobhill4-069 knobhill4-078 knobhill4b-004  A rock ring with an adjoining rock ring or possible storage area.
knobhill4b-012 knobhill4b-008 knobhill4b-010 knobhill4b-005
knobhill4b-017  A ring of large rocks that might be a hunting blind. knobhill4b-019 knobhill4b-025  For comparison, my walking stick is 48” long. knobhill4b-027
knobhill4b-036 knobhill4b-040  This is my “whatever” at the base of the boulder.  When I first looked at it, I figured that Fido or Fluffy might be buried there, except there was nothing to indicate a pet burial.  I tested the ground with a knife and found that it was extremely hard so I think that rules out Fluffy.  There is no fire blackening or charcoal, and above the site is a large branch protruding over the site.  Lastly, there is nothing to indicate that campers have been using the area near or around the boulder.  Please Note: I was careful not to disturb the site, just in case it was somebody’s pet or … knobhill4b-041 knobhill4b-043
knobhill4b-048 knobhill4b-050  This cleared area is right next to the “other” site and may have been a sleeping or sitting area. knobhill4b-058  This scraper is about 3” across. knobhill4b-053
knobhill4b-057 knobhill4b-061 knobhill4b-079  Habitats or potential shelters are everywhere in this area and this one had a large partial metate in it. knobhill4b-078
knobhill4b-082 knobhill4b-084 knobhill4b-088  So far these are the best petroglyphs that we have located in the Knob Hill area.  We have seen several nice pictograph sites, but we are still looking for that elusive petroglyph site that we have heard rumors of. knobhill4b-090
knobhill4b-092 knobhill4b-094 knobhill4b-097 knobhill4b-101
knobhill4b-070  Abandoned mine.  The shaft is about 20’ to 25’ straight down and the fence has been torn down. knobhill4b-074 knobhill4b-066  Looking down the shaft.