Knob Hill Miscellaneous 1

knobhillmisc1-010  This is a small possible habitat site next to the large boulder.  There is no visible rock art or artifacts, but there is a fractured metate at the site. knobhillmisc1-035  The living area was along this side of the boulder. knobhillmisc1-025 knobhillmisc1-027
knobhillmisc1-008  Most of the pieces for the metate are here. knobhillmisc1-011 knobhillmisc1-015  There are a total of four very small cupules at this site.  Each one is about a 1/4” deep by 3/4" wide. knobhillmisc1-017  Rock 1
knobhillmisc1-046  Rock 2 knobhillmisc1-038  Side view of the habitat site. knobhillmisc1-042  This boulder is located next to the habitat site and is about 5’ tall, with an alcove. knobhillmisc1-041  In the alcove, someone (historic) has wedged a branch in it to hang things from.