Las Vegas Range (Mts) 1

The Way of the Hunters - by Raoul Dixon
lasvegasrange1-081  Recently we tried to locate the quarry site, which we thought was in the Las Vegas Range (Mts).  Once in the field we used some of the photos from his book to try and place ourselves in the right search area.  The photo idea didn’t work as well as we thought it would, but we felt certain that we were in the general area.  The problem was we could not pin down the exact locations or angles of his original photographs.  While we did find shelters, rock rings, and sleeping circles, none of them matched the descriptions of what Raoul described in his 1987 book.  We were probably in the general area, but not in the exact location that he described. lasvegasrange1-004  Almost immediately after starting our hike we came across rock rings and a few scattered artifacts. lasvegasrange1-006 lasvegasrange1-008
lasvegasrange1-010  The arrow points to a possible sleeping circle. lasvegasrange1-012  Our first artifact was next to the sleeping circle in the previous photo. lasvegasrange1-018  An old rock arrangement that may have been a “pointer or directional” marker. lasvegasrange1-020
lasvegasrange1-022  Debitage or debris, and a possible scraper in the upper right of the grouping. lasvegasrange1-024 lasvegasrange1-026  The arrows point to the outer edges of a large depression that measures approximately 14’ across.  Most of the depressions that we located were about 5’ to 7’ in diameter, but we did come across several of these large ones. lasvegasrange1-028  The hill in the left foreground is, at least we think it is, the quarry site.  Many of the artifacts and sleeping circles were in this area.
lasvegasrange1-030  Another rock grouping and ring. lasvegasrange1-031 lasvegasrange1-034  This small rock grouping is located next to several small cleared areas. lasvegasrange1-035  Not sure what we are looking at, but it’s interesting: Not far from the sleeping circles we came across these small cleared areas (about 12” in diameter).  They don’t appear to be made by animals and are in a pattern.  Also, they are the only ones we saw that were clustered like this.
lasvegasrange1-039  I am guessing that this is a tortoise burrow, but this is the first time I have seen one numbered.  I am also guessing that since this one is numbered 2550 that is a common practice. lasvegasrange1-041 lasvegasrange1-050  A sheltered area with rock wall. lasvegasrange1-052
lasvegasrange1-048  …and a nice shelf. lasvegasrange1-053  There were several of these smaller cleared areas that were approximately 3’ in diameter.  We did not notice any obvious directional orientation of the circles and there was no real indicator as to their use. lasvegasrange1-058 lasvegasrange1-060  We observed multiple artifacts in the area, and the flaking along the edges of all the artifacts was very apparent.
lasvegasrange1-062 lasvegasrange1-066 lasvegasrange1-070 lasvegasrange1-074
lasvegasrange1-076  Another old rock ring. lasvegasrange1-079 lasvegasrange1-083  Looking back towards the hills from the quarry. lasvegasrange2-137
lasvegasrange2-134  The first thing we came across when searching this hill, was an historic kill site, and after that we found multiple rock rings lasvegasrange2-025  This is an interesting rock grouping. lasvegasrange2-028 lasvegasrange2-031  A really nice rock ring.
lasvegasrange2-033 lasvegasrange2-034 lasvegasrange2-037  There are several rings in this photo. lasvegasrange2-039
lasvegasrange2-041 lasvegasrange2-045  Another large ring. lasvegasrange2-049  Many of the rock rings that we encounter in southern Nevada are on bedrock limestone. lasvegasrange2-052
lasvegasrange2-054 lasvegasrange2-056 lasvegasrange2-057 lasvegasrange2-063
lasvegasrange2-065 lasvegasrange2-069  This ring is about 15’ in diameter. lasvegasrange2-076 lasvegasrange2-078
lasvegasrange2-079 lasvegasrange2-083 lasvegasrange2-085 lasvegasrange2-089
lasvegasrange2-091a  Three rock rings. lasvegasrange2-091  The left arrows point to two of the rock rings.  The right arrow points to an upright center stone in the third ring. lasvegasrange2-099  The left and right arrows point to the outer edges of a large rock ring.  The center arrow points to a small ring in the center of the larger ring. lasvegasrange2-100
lasvegasrange2-103  More rock rings built on the bedrock. lasvegasrange2-106 lasvegasrange2-107 lasvegasrange2-110
lasvegasrange2-111 lasvegasrange2-113 lasvegasrange2-116b  Two rings or one ring with attached storage area. lasvegasrange2-116
lasvegasrange2-117  A small ring or possible fire ring. lasvegasrange2-121 lasvegasrange2-122  Four rock rings. lasvegasrange2-125
lasvegasrange2-128 lasvegasrange2-092  Just kind of cool. lasvegasrange2-095 lasvegasrange2-005  Debitage, debris, and artifacts.
lasvegasrange2-010 lasvegasrange2-014 lasvegasrange2-018 lasvegasrange2-019
lasvegasrange2-023 lasvegasrange1-119  Possible Raoul Dixon Camp: When hiking back to the jeep from the rock rings we came across an open area that contained signs of having been an historic camp.  If we were in the right area for the Knob Hill Quarry then this is the most likely placed for him to have camped. lasvegasrange1-112 lasvegasrange1-115
lasvegasrange1-120  The remaining photos are of the possible camp area. lasvegasrange1-123 lasvegasrange1-038 lasvegasrange1-093
lasvegasrange1-091 lasvegasrange1-098 lasvegasrange1-101 lasvegasrange1-102
lasvegasrange1-105 lasvegasrange1-107 lasvegasrange1-108 lasvegasrange1-110