Las Vegas Range (Mts) 2

The Way of the Hunters - by Raoul Dixon
lasvegasrange3-020  As we started our hike we were greeted by a rainbow, and a short distance from where we parked was a nice rock ring.  A great start to the day. lasvegasrange3-019 lasvegasrange3-016 lasvegasrange3-177
lasvegasrange3-179 lasvegasrange3-181  This rock pile was a few feet from the rock ring. lasvegasrange3-182  This second rock pile has two partial rock rings associated with it. lasvegasrange3-010
lasvegasrange3-011 lasvegasrange3-024  Another rock ring with center stone. lasvegasrange3-028  Another rock ring on limestone bedrock. lasvegasrange3-030
lasvegasrange3-033 lasvegasrange3-072  Shelter 1: This shelter had some fire blackening and a possible rock ring in front of the shelter.  In the shelter it had another ringed area that may have been a fire pit. lasvegasrange3-039  A ringed area in front of the shelter. lasvegasrange3-041
lasvegasrange3-062  A possible fire pit or storage area within the shelter. lasvegasrange3-044 lasvegasrange3-046  A shelf in the rear of the shelter. lasvegasrange3-065  The view from shelter 1.
lasvegasrange3-068 lasvegasrange3-074  Shelter 2: lasvegasrange3-092 lasvegasrange3-082  The large rocks may have been the support for the base of a lean-to.
lasvegasrange3-084  There was fire blackening and a possible fire pit in the shelter. lasvegasrange3-086 lasvegasrange3-089 lasvegasrange3-111  Shelter 3: This shelter has several things going on in it.  There are remnants of a possible rock wall in front of the shelter and fire blackening on the ceiling.  The most interesting thing at this site is the presence of a prayer stick placed in the rocks.
lasvegasrange3-112 lasvegasrange3-115  A possible rock wall in front of the shelter lasvegasrange3-117 lasvegasrange3-119
lasvegasrange3-121 lasvegasrange3-124  This is the interior of the shelter.  The possible “prayer stick” would be in the ceiling and just out of frame at the top of this photo. lasvegasrange3-145b  The arrow points to the prayer stick. lasvegasrange3-127  The “Prayer Stick” has evidence of being burnt on the end.
lasvegasrange3-135 lasvegasrange3-128 lasvegasrange3-139  Possible grinding slick. lasvegasrange3-140  Possible fire pit or storage area.
lasvegasrange3-166  Shelter 4: There is a lot of fallen rock in this shelter which may have covered anything that was originally on the floor.  Currently there is some fire blackening, what may have been a cleared ring-like area in front of the shelter and a great view out the front. lasvegasrange3-154 lasvegasrange3-157 lasvegasrange3-158  The interior of shelter 4.  The shelter is about 15’ deep 10’ wide and 15’ high.
lasvegasrange3-160 lasvegasrange3-161 lasvegasrange3-152 lasvegasrange3-163  The cleared ring area in front of the shelter.
lasvegasrange3-167  Next to Shelter 4 there are three places where the rocks look like they may have been used as a habitat.  The first two are rock rings and the third looks like the rocks were probably used as a base for a lean-to. lasvegasrange3-168b  The first two arrows are the rock rings and the far right arrow is the base for a lean-to. lasvegasrange3-168 lasvegasrange3-172  The first habitat ring.
lasvegasrange3-170  The second habitat ring and the base for the lean-to.