Kyle - Grapevine Canyon 1

kyle-grapevine1a-029  This is the first rock art that we came across and it can be easily missed depending on the lighting conditions.  This rock art is probably associated with a nearby shelter. kyle-grapevine1a-030 kyle-grapevine1a-003 kyle-grapevine1a-031
kyle-grapevine1a-033 kyle-grapevine1a-032 kyle-grapevine1a-034  The shelter is located very close to the previous rock art.  It is approximately 6’ high at the opening and 8’ deep with a shelf in the back with fire blackening. kyle-grapevine1a-038
kyle-grapevine1a-021 kyle-grapevine1a-023 kyle-grapevine1a-024  The shelf in the rear may have been a cooking area based on the amount of fire blackening. kyle-grapevine1a-020
kyle-grapevine1a-042  On the limestone bench above the shelter I found a single small rock ring. kyle-grapevine1a-043 kyle-grapevine1a-044 kyle-grapevine1a-040
kyle-grapevine1a-041 kyle-grapevine1a-163  There are many trails in the area, some are obvious burro and horse trails, and others are used by the BMX bikers.  The trail in the photo, like a few of the others, appears to be part of the original trail system.  It was along these trails that we found the rock rings and the rock art. kyle-grapevine1a-046  This small rock ring was located just off the trail and had an opening facing towards east. kyle-grapevine1a-047
kyle-grapevine1a-048 kyle-grapevine1a-015  All of the following rock art was located next to, or near the trail.  The trail is visible just to the left of the rock art. kyle-grapevine1a-008 kyle-grapevine1a-009
kyle-grapevine1a-012 kyle-grapevine1a-014 kyle-grapevine1a-011 kyle-grapevine1a-013
kyle-grapevine1a-016 kyle-grapevine1a-017 kyle-grapevine1a-018 kyle-grapevine1a-004
kyle-grapevine1a-005 kyle-grapevine1a-006 kyle-grapevine1a-007 kyle-grapevine1a-001  A local.